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Click here to book your FREE quotationSash Windows London (1)Here at Wandsworth Sash Windows we can supply you with windows that are manufactured and installed to the highest of standards. Whether it is a restoration or replacement of sash windows, from a single window to an entire house, or you are looking for an improvement on the sound proofing of your sash windows, then we believe that we are the right company for you to choose.


Sash Windows London (2)We began life solely supplying sash windows in Clapham, but we have since expanded and are now able to supply your home with casement windows, front doors, French doors, bi-folding doors, glass balustrades and splash-backs, plantation shutters and much more. Our customers are not just in London either; we regularly install or repair sash windows throughout the Home Counties and further afield.

You will never be pressurised into buying one of our products. All our prospective customers are seen by a qualified surveyor who will review your requirements and advise you on what options are available. The surveyor will then return to our offices, where an exclusive written quotation is prepared for you by one of our office staff.

We’re a local, family-run business with a staff of fifteen, and we genuinely want to provide you with the best service that we can. We are never pushy, and we have no minimum requirements.

If you only have a single window you wish to be repaired or replaced, then that’s absolutely fine.

Our fitters are expert carpenters who follow traditional techniques, rather than just window fitters.

If you choose to work with us, you can take advantage of the services supplied by our team of highly experienced craftsmen who have worked with all kinds of properties, including those in conservation areas and listed buildings.

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We are proud members of The Consumer Protection Association (CPA). The CPA provides its members with Insurance Backed Guarantees for every project. This protects you in the unlikely event that we cease to trade due to liquidation or bankruptcy.

We appreciate that you have a choice, so we highly recommend that you only use a company who will provide you with a home improvement guarantee – with the paperwork to prove it. Otherwise, you could believe you are covered when you are not.


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Sash Windows, LondonSash Windows in LondonOur employees have worked with Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian homes, so we fully understand the importance of maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a building, while making sure it is both totally secure and completely insulated. We have both the tools and the experience to restore and refurbish your windows so they look as good as they did when they were initially installed.

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Our commitment goes beyond our commitment to our customers

Ace of Clubs CharityAt Wandsworth Sash Windows we are true believers and practitioners when it comes to corporate social responsibility. That’s why we have partnered with a local charity called the Ace of Clubs which supports those in the local area who find themselves homeless, vulnerable or otherwise marginalised. Since 2013 we have donated a percentage of every invoice we raise to help support this worthwhile cause.

We are always delighted to hear from new clients. If you feel you would like to speak us about our services, or to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation, then please call us on 020 7924 7303, or send us a message through our contact form by clicking here.

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10 Green Lane, CHISELHURST

A beautiful, dramatic refurbishment befitting of an imposing 1930’s period property – this project commanded craftsmanship that spanned almost every home feature, from the front gate to the plantation shutters for the exterior windows.

Alongside meticulous project management defined by milestones consistently met, was an impressive scale of production where our craftsman could truly demonstrate their talents.

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Ardgowan Road

Wandsworth Sash Windows Case Studies, Ardgowan Road

This classic Corbett style property is perhaps the epitome of the careful consideration and sympathetic design that period projects require. For this project, our workshop became a hive of informed craftsmanship, creating features throughout – for a front door transformed to a locally suited design, and modern yet fitting bi-fold rear doors that made for a beautiful opening to the property’s outdoor space.

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Sash Windows in London

2015 for Wandsworth Sash Windows and for 2016, the future is clear!

Generally, 2015 was something of a 'meh' year – no Olympics, World Cup or European Championships, and a general election that was over as soon as the exit poll results were announced! However, 2015 turned
Airport Noise

Airport noise – the not-so silent march

According to analysts, the development of airport capacity in London is vital in one form or another in order to connect and trade with the world’s emerging markets; the so-called BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia,

The benefits of a bespoke wardrobe

The benefits of a bespoke wardrobe

We hear the word bespoke and our immediate reaction is that it must be expensive. While it will be more so than buying a factory-produced version, it need not be as expensive as you may

Born from the Ashes – The Practical Beginnings of Sash Windows

Sash windows are today heralded for their graceful good looks and unparalleled ventilation, yet it was neither of their advantages that were in the mind of the original designer of the very first sash window.

Check your sash windows before winter

Check your sash windows before winter

Are you dreading the cold weather because your sash windows are draughty? It doesn’t need to be that way. We all know that sash windows are beautiful and add a particular feel and look to

Wandsworth Sash Windows

Choosing a sash window specialist: An essential checklist

Searching for a sash window expert is no simple task, and when you turn to Google the half a million results can be plain intimidating. Even when looking locally, there can still be hundreds of

Wandsworth Sash Windows new workshop

Coming to South-East London – a new Wandsworth Sash Windows Workshop

Here at Wandsworth Sash Windows, we have been supplying sash windows and other window-related services to the people of South-West London and beyond for several years now. We have showrooms in Battersea and Brockley, and

What to do before the contractor arrives to install your sash windows

Congratulations on your decision to install sash windows your property. It’s a decision you will not regret. Thousands and thousands of home owners across the United Kingdom have made the decision to replace or repair

Curtains, Blinds Or Shutters? Which Is Best For Your Home?

Curtains, Blinds Or Shutters? Which Is Best For Your Home?

When renovating or refurbishing a house, quite often the budget is spent before you get to the soft furnishing of the windows or the considerations that are involved therein. In fact, it can quite often
Easy Ways To Add Character To Your Home

Easy Ways To Add Character To Your Home

The charm and history of a building are often what attracts people to make a property their home. A home with its elegant sash windows and its defined period style is often loved at first

Get your home ready for autumn

The end of the summer season means that a lot of housework is probably lined up to prepare for winter. The summer months often mean we neglect our homes in favour of the garden or

Glass balustrades how to be safe and stylish

Glass balustrades how to be safe and stylish

There comes a time in many homes when style needs to find a good compromise with safety. You may have moved into a new place or renovated your existing home making changes that require balustrades

How to ensure your Sash Windows are safe for Children

How to ensure your Sash Windows are safe with children around.

Here at Wandsworth Sash Windows one question we often get asked is “what additional security can I have to prevent my children from opening my windows?” Sash windows are traditionally associated with old and old-style

Wandsworth Sash Windows, London

Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home Without Detracting From Its Character

There are several things that can be done to improve the energy efficiency of your home without having to take drastic measures. Tackling energy efficiency demons is a task best dealt with by taking a

Intriguing facts about sash windows

Sash windows – they’re graceful, charming and stoic in equal measure. Sash windows bring a lot to the table for the average property, but you may not have thought that they had quite such an

Is your home ready for winter? Five ways to winter-proof your home

As the nights get longer and the temperature drops you know that the winter months of the year are on their way. Now is the time to make sure that your home is wind and

Sash Windows London

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards – what landlords need to know

If you are a private landlord in England or Wales then you need to be aware of the new ‘Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards’ legislation that the current UK Government has seen passed into law. Currently,

Sash Windows London (2)

Property Prices – Do Replacement Windows Always Add Value?

In most cases, yes! But there are some occasions where they won’t. Around ninety-five percent of homes in the UK will increase in value if replacement windows are fitted. If you live in a house

Replacing or Repairing Windows in Listed Buildings

The repair or replacement of windows in listed buildings is not straight forward and a number of factors must be considered before permission will be given to make any changes. A listed building is a

Replacing sash windows – what you need to consider

Replacing sash windows – what you need to consider

Thinking of replacing your sash windows? It’s not as complicated as you may have thought, but there are a few things that you need to consider and keep in mind as you decide what to

Sash Windows London

Sash windows … a little bit of history

Sash windows have been around for a while – since the late 1600s in fact. Initially, sash windows were extremely expensive, and could only be afforded by the very well off, such as the royal

Sash Windows London (3)

Sash Windows: What you need to know

Sash windows (or double hung sash windows, as they are called in the US) look beautiful and add a great deal of elegance to any home. They not only look great, they are also very

Security measures for your home

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll probably have heard that the UK’s police force have suffered further budget cuts, and are having to respond to the increase in ‘new’ crimes, such as


A short history of Sash Windows

No one knows the exact origins of the sliding sash window. Some credit the Dutch with its invention while others suggest that natural philosopher, architect and polymath Robert Hooke invented it in the 17th century.

How to Soundproof Your London Home

London is one of the world’s most prolific cities, with a huge population and a constant stream of tourists. With so many people crammed into one place, London can be loud – and it’s about

Stay warm this winter

Stay warm this winter

There is no two ways about it: it’s cold! And it is still January, which means that there are at least two more months of cold weather before we can think of spring. If you

Sash Windows London (2)

Summer’s coming, so it’s time to check up on your sash windows

May is in and so is the promise of good weather. We Brits may moan about chilly summer days, but we do actually get quite a great deal of sunshine during the warmer months. As

The expansion of Heathrow Airport, what does that mean in terms of noise pollution to London residents?

The proposed addition of a third runway to Heathrow airport became a contentious issue as soon as such plans were announced in the summer of 2013. With the £18.6bn expansion project still not having been

Thinking of installing sash windows

Thinking of installing sash windows?

You don’t have to live in a period property or a conservation area to have sash windows. While they are associated with more traditional designs, they can be fitted to any home. Many of us

Bakerloo line extension

Transport link improvements for South East London – the future is looking connected

Also under discussion were the options for the point of termination. This was selected to be Lewisham, Beckenham Junction or Hayes with a further extension from Beckenham Junction to Bromley. Of the fifteen thousand people

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Wandsworth Sash Windows expands into East Sussex

Here at Wandsworth Sash Windows we are delighted to announce that we have finalised the purchase of a long-established joinery company in Lewes, East Sussex. The company – Parsons Joinery Ltd - has a fantastic

Wandsworth Sash Windows are proud to announce their sponsorship of Lynn Amateur Boxing Club

Here at Wandsworth Sash Windows we firmly believe that we have an important role to play within our local community. Businesses that thrive need to reassure local people that they are not there just to

Wandsworth Sash Windows, London

Want to see clearly? Tips on selecting the best window installer

For many years the window installation industry suffered a bad press. As double-glazing became the ‘norm’ for housing, the pressure for all existing houses to be fitted with this new glazing standard intensified. This led

Win £10,000 with Wandsworth Sash Windows

Win £10,000 of work with Wandsworth Sash Windows – with absolutely NO obligation

When you’re researching possible companies to help deal with your windows and provide bespoke joinery, it’s always reassuring to find out that any quotation a specific company offers comes ‘obligation free’. Between March and April

Wandsworth Sash Windows, London (2)

Window dressing – what you need to know

Windows are a focal point for every room. The type of window dressing in a room, such as blinds, curtains or window shutters, can dictate how much light can enter and how much of the

Wandsworth Sash Windows win £10,000 of work

You still have the chance to win £10,000 of work with Wandsworth Sash Windows – obligation free!

It’s now been a month since we announced our unique, never-seen-before offer to win £10,000 of work from us, and wow, have we been inundated with bookings. Don’t let that put you off, though. If

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