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    As a company proud to make bespoke products for our customers, we are committed to ensuring that each and every door or window we produce is perfect for its purpose. One of the ways we can add that individual touch is to offer different types of glass. These can be added into any door or window we manufacture – there are various options depending on what you’d like.

    Acoustic glass – technical information

    There are various methods we can adopt to reduce the noise levels inside your property. If you live in a noisy area and your property is close to busy roads, then acoustic glass can make a significant difference. When installing acoustic glass we need to make sure that the windows we make have the largest depth possible to allow for thicker acoustic glass, making it more effective. For that reason we only install acoustic glass when we completely replace sash and casement windows.

    The technical specification of the acoustic glass we install is as follows:

    • 8.8mm acoustic glass / 12mm Argon gas filled warm edge spacer bar / 4mm clear glass = 24.8mm acoustic double glazed unit
    • The presence of the 12mm Argon gas filled warm edge spacer bar between the two panes means that the glass we install is also double glazed. This allows you to benefit from the thermal properties of double glazed glass, as well as the soundproofing benefits of acoustic glass.
    • Acoustic glass is effectively a number of panes of glass held together with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer. The makeup of the 8.8mm acoustic glass we use is two sheets of 4mm glass and two 0.4mm PVB layers.
    • Noise levels are calculated in Decibel Levels (dB). The average noise in a London street is 60 dB, and noise over 45dB can interfere with sleep patterns. For every 1mm thick pane of acoustic glass, there is a noise reduction of 1dB. Every 10dB reduction is perceived by the human ear to reduce the noise by half.

    What do our customers think?

    What are the benefits of acoustic glass?

    • Noise reduction. Our acoustic glass will make a big difference to the noise levels inside your property.
    • Security. Acoustic glass is almost impossible to break through. This improves the safety and security of homes. The PVB layer keeps the glass bonded even when broken, and its high strength prevents the glass from breaking up into large sharp pieces.
    • Thermal efficiency. We install acoustic glass as part of a regular double glazed unit. This reduces heat loss from your home, lowering energy bills.
    • Property value. This feature is a fantastic selling point for homebuyers.

    Safety glass

    There are two main types of safety glass available – laminated glass and toughened glass.

    • Laminated glass is held together with interlayers. It won’t shatter, even when it is broken. This makes it popular for use in public buildings and areas where there is a lot of foot traffic, as it is significantly safer for those in the vicinity if the glass were to be damaged.
    • Toughened glass undergoes a heat treatment process that makes it stronger than normal glass. If the glass is broken, it will break into chunks rather than splintering and becoming a safety hazard. We can advise when it might be required and give further details.

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    Bespoke glass options from Wandsworth Sash Windows

    We make our doors and windows from scratch, fitting the glass ourselves. This means we can use the right type of glass for you. Choosing a bespoke glazing system will help to:

    • Reduce unwanted noise
    • Keep a property warmer
    • Reduce the chance of glass getting broken
    • Make it safer if the glass does get broken

    Sometimes, there are regulations in place that mean you may need to use a certain type of glass. We will be able to offer advice and provide you with further information. Just ask the team and we can talk you through any applicable guidelines or regulations.

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    At Wandsworth Sash Windows, we make all our windows, doors, and joinery by hand in our Sussex-based workshop.

    Help us support homegrown craftsmanship and create local jobs – buy British.

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