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If you’re looking for new sash windows in East London, we’re the experts to talk to. We offer a completely bespoke service, manufacturing and installing all windows ourselves to ensure they’re the very highest quality. Whether you need to replace all windows in your Georgian property near Elder Street, or you need to upgrade a single sash in your Clapton terraced home, we would love to help.

We also repair and refurbish timber windows in East London, restoring them back to their former beauty. If you have timber sash windows that are insecure, letting in a draft or that have generally seen better days, we have the skills to refurbish them. Our expert joiners have many years of experience and can advise on the best approach to take.

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Beautiful, bespoke sash windows in your area

East London is well known for its period architecture, from Christ Church Spitalfields, to the lovely homes around Blackheath and Dulwich. Whatever your needs might be concerning your individual property, we provide a range of services to repair, refurbish, upgrade and replace timber windows. There’s a reason we focus on timber – it’s unrivalled in its beauty, and we want to ensure our customers can retain the period features that give their homes character. Plus, timber is a strong, resilient material that can last a lifetime.

We have the traditional joinery skills required to sympathetically restore and replace sash windows. Equally, we use the latest technology to improve insulation and make windows more secure.

We can also upgrade your glazing when we fit new windows for you. There are two options available:


Acoustic Glass

this is a popular option with our East London customers as the average noise on a London street is 60dB (to give you some context, noise over 45dB can interfere with sleep). Noise can be reduced by 1dB per 1mm of glass. This is an excellent option for people living in vibrant areas of East London, such as Shoreditch, Bow Road and Hackney.


Safety Glass

laminated or toughened glass will not shatter if broken, making it a safer option. Toughened glass will also be harder to break in the first place, so it’s popular in commercial settings.

Please note, we can only install acoustic glass when we completely replace your windows as we need to ensure the frame will accommodate the thicker glazing.

Why do our customers love our sash window services?

Our East London
sash window services

We can offer a range of sash window services to meet all needs, whether you have windows that need repairing or replacing.

Sash window replacements in East London

Sash windows are designed to last but sometimes, a repair isn’t enough – many sash windows are very old and have never been upgraded. If this is the case, we can make and install brand new sash windows that are perfectly suited to your property, ensuring they’re an exact replica of the originals if desired. We can sympathetically and carefully replace windows for period properties, as well as for homes in conservation areas.

If the box frame is in good condition, we may be able to replace just individual sashes. We’ll be able to advise after seeing your windows.

New sash windows ensure:

  • The best possible aesthetics
  • Excellent insulation
  • Good soundproofing
  • Easy opening and closing

They can also help to increase the value of your property.

Sash window repairs in East London

Sash windows can be repaired and refurbished by us, restoring their condition for improved aesthetics, insulation and security. Many older sash windows are in need of a refurbishment – technology has come on leaps and bounds, so we can help make your property significantly warmer and more secure.

This is some of the work we can carry out:

  • Improving insulation, draught proofing and weatherproofing
  • Making sure windows fit frames
  • Replacing individual sashes
  • Repairing locks and replacing window furniture
  • Fixing or replacing glazing
  • Removing and replacing rotting timber
  • Reducing draughts by installing draught proofing measures
  • Replacing individual parts, such as windowsills

We always advise on the best approach to take and will let you know if a repair or refurbishment is the right option for your windows.

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    East London windows and joinery, made for you

    Our service is bespoke and will be completely tailored to you. We offer a number of additional products and services, including:

    • New casement windows. We can make and install beautiful casement windows from high-quality timber.
    • Casement window repairs and refurbishments. If existing timber casement windows can be repaired, we’re the team for the job.
    • Custom made timber doors. Have a beautiful timber internal or external door made to your exact specifications.
    • Plantation shutters. We can make shutters to perfectly suit your windows, giving you an elegant solution for shade and privacy.
    • Bespoke joinery. Our team can custom make furniture, fitted wardrobes and anything else you want or need.

    Why choose us for sash windows in East London?

    • Beautiful products crafted by a skilled team of joiners and carpenters
    • Bespoke windows, doors and joinery, custom made for you
    • Free, no obligation consultations and full written quotes
    • Individual advice from a product expert
    • Responsibly sourced timber for environmentally friendly windows
    • UK-made sash windows – we’re proud to be Made in Britain members

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