Sash windows have long been a sought-after feature in homes across the UK, with them being so coveted that they are often sighted in listed buildings. This dedication to their preservation, as well as more and more brand-new sash windows being installed to achieve the traditional style, signifies an important history. Sash windows have been admired for years, but what is their history and why are they so revered?

A long history

Sash windows have a long history, dating back centuries. The sash windows that most closely resemble the ones we see today, sliding vertically with weights and pulleys, date all the way back to the 17th century. Dating back this far, if a home has sash windows, it is significant of the wealth the owner may have had at the time of installation. Sash windows have long been the superior choice – when they were initially emerging, they were desired for their innovative features. This includes their ability to allow for good ventilation, which consequently reduces the risk of them rotting.

Signify architectural advancement

Since their fledgling years in the 17th century, sash windows have come a long way. They are now a symbol of how architecture changes and developments, continuously proving how innovation and ingenuity can improve homes. This is evident by looking at the characteristics of sash windows in homes throughout the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian eras. This could present itself by having fewer panes of glass, such as the Victorian style, which signified the wealth of the owner. It could also be seen as an arch in the window, or the sash mechanism being featured in a bay window, for example.

Architecture has changed a lot in the last few centuries, and sash windows are no exception. Although the changes in the style of sash windows can be subtle, they are definitely there, and their architectural prowess is part of what makes them so treasured. This is why they are so often found in listed buildings.

As a traditional aesthetic, they add charm

Although listed buildings can be viewed as being stuck in history, there’s a reason. Their traditional style adds undeniable charm to a property, and this is always sought after by homebuyers. There is definitely something to be said for protecting and preserving older properties, as their rich history so contrasts the minimalist feel of a new build.

The added value they provide

Another reason why sash windows are so appreciated and are seen frequently in listed buildings, is the value they add to a property. If an older building had sash windows, but the windows had been replaced to feature a more recently invented material such as uPVC, the value of it would automatically drop. This is because its architectural and historical integrity would have been compromised.

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