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If you have been looking into how to make your home more thermally efficient, you may have heard the term ‘U-value’. There are various small steps you can take towards becoming more energy efficient and eliminating the need to turn up the central heating dial. In this blog, we explore how optimising your homes U-value can help you on your way to more sustainable living and save you precious pounds on those heating bills too.

What is U-value?

U-value is a term used to describe the efficiency of a property’s thermal insulation. It is how well the building materials and insulation products retain heat in your home. Measured in W/m²K (Watts per square metre, per degree Kelvin), the U-value is important within your home, and in some cases a certain level of U-value is required to fall in line with Building Regulations and Standards.  The most important thing to understand is the lower the U-value is in your home, the more energy efficient it is.

How can I decrease my U-value using Fineo windows?

One of the best ways to decrease your U-value is to invest in brand-new windows. Windows are an important building element within your home that can dictate whether your property is freezing cold, or a warm paradise. There’s nothing better on the market than Fineo’s vacuum insulated glass.

Fineo’s vacuum insulated windows are comprised of two panels of glass, creating a vacuum in the middle which extracts the air. Due to this innovate technology, Fineo glass offers an insulating material that has a greater thermal performance than even triple glazing! Ultra-slim at 6.7mm thick Fineo can be retro-fitted into existing window frames as well as new ones, meaning everyone can benefit from their sophisticated design, lowering the U-values of their homes. Wandsworth Sash Windows will retro-fit Fineo glass in properties which are listed buildings. For all other properties we will install Fineo glass as part of new joinery.

How does the U-Value of Fineo compare to traditional double glazing?

Source: Fineo

You can see from the table above, the U-value of Fineo’s vacuum insulated glass is lower than every other kind of glass, coming out at just 0.7 W/m²K compared to the 5.8 W/ m²K achieved with single glazing and 1.1 W/ m²K achieved through modern double-glazed panes. Remember, in this case, less is more and therefore, the incredible thermal efficiency offered by Fineo vacuum insulated glass is unrivalled in terms of energy efficiency.

What are the benefits of low U-value?

A low U-value goes a long way towards making your home energy efficient, but what are the exact benefits of this for your property?

  • Saving money in energy bills

    Increased energy efficiency in your home due to a low U-value could save you money in energy bills. Constant use of central heating can produce a large bill, which may put you off from using it. Saving money is a high priority for some people, and vacuum insulated glass can help you do this.

  • Lower amount of greenhouse gases

    Relying on your central heating less for your warmth will result in less contribution to harmful greenhouse gases. You will be increasing your energy efficiency and doing your part for the environment, caring for your surroundings.

  • Comfort within your home

    There’s nothing worse than shivering in your home, not being able to warm up. Fineo vacuum insulated glass will provide excellent heat retention, meaning you will be able to bask in the warmth of your home with minimal reliance on your central heating system.

At Wandsworth Sash Windows, our vacuum insulated glass is bound to improve your U-value. Retro-fitted into existing frames or included in brand-new ones, the sophisticated technology boasts brilliant thermal insulation. To find out more, contact our expert team today.

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