Dating back to the late 1600’s, sash windows have been used throughout history, and have since become a staple for contemporary home design in period properties today. Sash windows were particularly popular throughout Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian times, and the love for their design, characteristics and attributes is still shared today. The Victorian era was known for its classic architectural designs, and the style of their sash windows didn’t lack.

Sash windows in the Victorian era

The reign of Queen Victoria began in 1837 and bought with it the innovation of manufacturing processes across the country. Throughout the era, sash windows were installed to display a level of status and wealth, as well as boosting kerb appeal. Loved for their timeless style, the attributes of the sashes also supplied copious amounts of natural light – a key benefit in a time where electricity was not as readily available as it is today.

Victorian sash window designs

With the elimination of the window tax in 1951, as well as the fact that glass making technology had advanced in this era, it became possible, as well as popular, to manufacture larger sheets of glass. Victorian sash windows then became known for their ability to provide a wider, less interrupted view of external surroundings. You could also expect to see fewer bars in the lower sash, compared to the upper. However, with the new-found lack of glazing bars, another method of support was required. This is when sash horns were introduced to the world of sash windows.

What are sash horns?

Sash horns can be identified as downward facing protrusions, located at the base of the upper sash. With a lower number of glazing bars, the frames of Victorian sash windows became noticeably weaker, and so the addition of sash horns provide further strength to the joints and framework. They were also proven to prevent the windows from being opened wide enough to become jammed.

Why you should choose Victorian style sash windows for your property

Victorian style sash windows boast timeless elegance and can provide both period and contemporary homes with charm and beneficial characteristics. Victorian properties are highly sought after, and often hard to obtain but with the installation of Victorian style sashes, you can introduce the luxury feel to your property. Whilst glass making technologies improved drastically during the Victorian era, they have certainly excelled even further since. This means that your wide panes can be created with a level of glazing that boosts energy efficiency and style simultaneously.

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