Sash windows are known to date all the way back to the 1670s. Some credit their creation to English polymath Robert Hooke, (although there is insufficient evidence to support this!) and others trace their invention back to the Dutch. Sash windows have been used in architecture throughout history, especially in the Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian eras. Widespread opinion seems to be that sash windows in Edwardian homes are superior in their style, and many people strive to achieve the look even now. So, what exactly are Edwardian sash windows like?

Typical Edwardian architecture

Edwardian style concentrated on making a house seem open, large, and airy. Edwardians prioritised an influx of natural light, allowing the spaces to seem like a suntrap. Many Edwardian homes were made much larger with wide rooms and hallways, and wooden timber features. The style was heavily influenced by the Gothic revival and the Arts and Crafts movement. Sash windows were prominent in these period properties and were found in many homes.

The style of the windows

As 1901 ushered in the beginning of the Edwardian era, the architects and designers maintained the style of sash windows from the Victorian era, but they made their own advances and maximised simplicity. Many homes featured stain glass images, giving them unique characteristics, and making Edwardian properties valuable during this time. Due to their emphasis on ‘opening up’ their rooms, the windows were large and let in the most amount of light possible.

Design features

Due to advancements in technology, Edwardians could be more creative in their designs. This meant that larger glazed panes could be incorporated into the design, with less panelling separating the glass allowing lighter rooms. They prioritised simplicity, and a common design feature was six panes on the upper sashes, and two wider panes of glass on the bottom sashes. The combination of historical features from Georgian and Victorian sash window designs allows for a gorgeous feature within the home.

Why should you install Edwardian style windows into your home?

If you are soon replacing your windows and you are debating which style to opt for, here’s why you should consider Edwardian architecture-inspired windows…

  • Exclusive aesthetic

As the Edwardian period was only a handful of years long, the architecture and design features can be hard to come by. Edwardian homes are very exclusive and highly sought after, so if you install this style of windows into your property you are inviting the exclusive, luxury aesthetic into your house.

  • Modern double glazing

Installing modern Edwardian-style windows will award you with gorgeous historic windows, along with the modern benefits of double or triple glazing, or even vacuum insulated glass. This will increase your home’s energy efficiency, taking steps towards saving you money. We are even able to retain original stained-glass features when replacing sash windows with double-glazed units.

If you’ve been searching for a company to provide high quality timber windows in a traditional, Edwardian sash style, contact our expert team at Wandsworth Sash Windows. We offer unrivalled services to ensure your home exudes a luxury style.

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