Sash windows could be considered as the height of traditional style. Coveted by architects and style enthusiasts, sash windows are requested frequently by homeowners striving to achieve a traditional, older style within their home. Let’s step back in time to understand where the style originated from and find out how you can achieve the same style in your property by installing new sash windows.

When did sash windows originate?

Sash windows have been shown to date back to as early as the 1670s in English properties – one of the most well-known examples being Ham House that sits on the banks of the River Thames in Richmond. Extremely common in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes, sash windows are traditionally arranged as having three panes across and two up on each sash, so comprising of four panels vertically.

Why were sash windows popular?

Following the Industrial Revolution, there was a development of technology across all industries. This meant that the technology used in sash windows was enhanced, such as the option of manufacturing larger glass panels. This resulted in windows that were grander, and windows in homes from the Victorian period reflect this. Investing in a home now that has sash windows of this style and time period is incredibly valuable, and homes featuring sash windows are highly envied!

Achieving a traditional style with modern sash windows

You may think that if you don’t have a home from the Victorian, Edwardian, or Georgian period, that you have sadly missed out on having sash windows in your property. However, it is possible to add modern sash windows into your home as a feature. Modern sash windows can be available with a multitude of benefits that could be better for your home even than original sash windows. Here are the benefits to installing modern sash windows in your home:


Windows from the Victorian era will have single glazing panels. This makes it extremely difficult to keep your home warm in the winter, with poor thermal efficiency. Modern sash windows allow you to have double glazing, or even vacuum insulated glass windows, which offer excellent energy efficiency and are able to keep your home feeling cosy.

Enhanced technology

Since the Industrial Revolution, technology has improved further. This can result in an increased amount of security for your home, with locks that are reliable. It also means that the mechanisms within the sash window will be more effective, with unbreakable cords and staff beads. The drastic improvement in modern sash windows could mean a better user experience than the originals.

Maintain period style

Modern sash windows can allow you to reap the benefits from new technologies whilst still achieving the traditional style you love. It will be easier to maintain, as the material used in period sash windows can deteriorate over time. This means that modern sash windows will be an advantage to the running of your home whilst obtaining the coveted period style.

Additional traditional features for your home

The traditional style can be achieved with the installation of modern sash windows, but also by the introduction of features such as French doors. These doors are frequently used for the patio and are suited to period properties with their traditional design. Both French doors and modern sash windows can be customised to suit your home, whether you enhance them through their colour or the pattern of the glass panes. A traditional style is valuable in homes, so why not consider the installation of these French doors?

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