Fineo vacuum insulated glass: Benefits for your home

Our home is our haven and considering how much time we spend in it, making it as stylish, comfortable and as energy efficient as possible should be near the top of our ‘to do’ list. Our windows are no exception. Luckily, our Fineo vacuum insulated glass ticks all three boxes and is considered the ultimate double-glazing solution for windows. Not only does it boast thermal efficiencies greater than triple-glazing whilst remaining as slim as single glazed unit, Fineo glass can be retrofitted into your existing windows (if required) too – making it ideal for listed buildings. Let’s take a closer look at how Fineo glass can benefit your property.

Unbeatable thermal insultation

Fineo’s advanced glass technology comprises of two sheets of glass separated by a vacuum gap of 0.1mm.However, don’t be fooled by its slim profile, Fineo glass will offer a thermal efficiency to surpass triple glazing. It will literally turn your windows into radiators, providing your home with unrivalled warmth without having to blast your central heating. If you are committed to saving energy at home, this glass would be integral to your strategy, which will impact your bills for the better too. Vacuum insulated glass retains heat better than any other glazing on the market.

Brighter interiors

Whether your property is traditional or contemporary, using this glass within your home will allow more natural light in than ever before. Fineo glass panels can let an impressive 15% more light into a room which can have such a positive influence on a home, as natural light has a drastic impact on our wellbeing and how we feel within a space. Fans of open plan living will love how the increased light flooding into a space will make the room feel even roomier and for those of you that adore basking in natural sunlight daily, this glass has the technology to benefit you.

Effective soundproofing

Due to the excellent insulation within the vacuum insulated glass the soundproofing capabilities are advanced, resulting in noise reduction that can make your home a peaceful refuge. You can create a barrier from the outside world and help tune out noise pollution from roads and sirens. In fact, this glass can cut the amount of unwanted sound in your home in half.

Versatile installation

One of the most convenient aspects of Fineo’s vacuum insulated glass is that it can be used in multiple scenarios. Are you completely replacing your windows with brand-new double-glazed ones? This glass can be installed perfectly into new window frames so that you can start reaping the benefits as soon as they are installed.

Prefer to keep your existing frames?  Fear not, this glass is so thin that it can be easily retrofitted into existing frames too. This is often the case with owners of listed buildings or properties within conservation areas – the building’s style and traditional features often need to preserved. Replacing frames with brand new ones to accommodate double-glazing is often unfavourable and rejected by local planning officers. With Fineo’s thin profile, this isn’t a problem. In fact, we have recently received planning approval from both Westminster Council and Tower Hamlets Council for Fineo installation into two listed properties.

Unrivalled guarantees

Whereas double glazing frames have a guarantee of around 10 years, Fineo vacuum insulated glass is guaranteed to be effective within your home for 15 years. That means that for more advanced technology and glass that will look splendid in your home, you’ll be able to enjoy the associated benefits for longer.

Environmental benefits

Just when you thought vacuum insulated glass couldn’t get any better, it is also environmentally conscious. All the materials used are100% recyclable, lead-free and environmentally friendly, meaning that when it is installed in your home, you can be sure that it has not been through any processes that would harm our world. It provides excellent heat retention – you can decrease your reliance on energy to heat your home, benefitting both the planet and your bank account!

Fineo’s versatility is the premium glazing choice for your windows. To find out more about how Fineo glass could transform your home, contact our experts today.

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