french doors

French doors have been present in the design world since the 17th century. Their timeless style has meant that they are still a staple feature in many properties, and homeowners continue to get them installed. As well as their beautiful aesthetic, French doors offer many benefits for your home, from energy savings to accessibility. You will not regret your investment into French doors.

Bring the outside in

French doors allow you to bring an abundance of natural light into your room. Natural light holds many benefits, including for our health. Natural light encourages the production of Vitamin D, improving our sleep, mood, and productivity. Their open glass panels, can increase the amount of light you invite into your home, introducing elements of nature into your property.

Simple functioning

French doors are incredibly easy to use. Doors leading out into the garden, or a patio can often be bulky, using sliding systems for example. French doors open traditionally, making their ease of use that much simpler. They are functional, making the accessibility between your home and garden easy – you can even open the doors and relish outdoor living in the glorious summertime.

Durable materials

Wooden French doors are made from reliable, durable timber. This increases their longevity and decreases their susceptibility to damage! It is incredibly important to invest in French doors of a high quality, so that the structure is sound and contributes to its thermal efficiency. Ensure that your investment is worthwhile by using materials that will last, retaining their quality for a long time.

Increase property value

Many prospective buyers will keep an eye out for French doors, especially for those made to an incredibly high quality. Increasing both the practicality of a home and its beauty and style, French doors can help attract those looking for a property, showing them why yours is the house to buy.

Increase thermal efficiency

The quality of the timber used to make French doors will go a long way towards greater thermal efficiency in your home. When paired with the superior glazing used in the glass panels of the French doors, the wood will help to insulate your property. Due to this increase in energy efficiency, you could notice a subsequent change in your energy bills, for the better!

Flexibility in style

Many people are mistaken when they think that French doors are limited in design. French doors offer you with multiple ways that they can impact your style. You can benefit from outward or inward-opening doors, with changeable glazing units and panels available. You can adopt a clean style of one large panel or opt for visual interest by splitting the panel into six, for example.

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