No matter how long your home has been basking in the beauty of its sash windows, preserving them is a must. Even when your windows are new, taking care of them will help to prolong their longevity, making the most of your investment. Past cleaning the window panes, you might be wondering where to start? We explain everything you need to know about how to maintain your sash windows with ease.

Keep the frames free of dust

It’s easy to forget your frames and simply focus on keeping the panes clean. However, if your frames accumulate dust, it can be difficult to eventually remove the build-up. Dust and dirt do not only look bad, but they can pollute the air you are breathing in every day. You should also keep the track and pulley system of the sash windows clean, avoiding any sticking during opening and closing.

Top up the paintwork

Your timber sash window frames will need some care for them to last in the same condition that they were installed. Keeping the paint fresh protects the wood underneath, especially with a topcoat to seal it. Thoroughly preparing the window frames and sanding the wood in between painting every time will keep them in shape for as long as possible; think about making this a routine every few years or so.

Ensure they run smoothly

There is nothing worse than a sash window that sticks. Opening a window in the rare English sun is an exciting necessity, and even in the winter it is difficult to go a week without needing to air out the house. Oiling the pulleys and rubbing beeswax on the edge of your sashes will ensure the systems are running smoothly, allowing you to open windows at your leisure, without trouble.

Monitor your insulation

The insulation within your window is imperative for keeping your house warm and protecting it from outside noise. Staying vigilant in keeping an eye on your insulation will ensure that your home never goes without proper energy efficiency. If your insulation becomes ineffective, it could have a negative impact on your energy bills, making you rely on your central heating.

Clean the window panes

With warm water, soap and a sponge, you can make sure your windows are always sparkling and clean. This will ensure that there are no water marks and no build-up of dust, giving you a clear view to the nature waiting just outside your home. If the act of cleaning your windows fills you with dread, you can always get in a regular routine with your local window cleaners.

Devise a checklist

Making a checklist for the leftover tasks you can take to preserve your sash windows will ensure nothing is missed. You should check…

  • The cords – if even one of your cords becomes worn or snaps, you will need them replaced in order for your window to be fully functional.
  • The timber – if the timber becomes rotten, it can start to cause more problems such as eroding brickwork. If this is the case, they will need to be repaired.
  • The locks – functioning locks are there for your safety, so checking them every once in while could never hurt. This could even make you feel safer in your home.


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