Sash windows are a sought-after staple for people looking to invest in period properties. With their exclusive aesthetic and rich history, if you find a property with sash windows it’s often very valuable, and much of the time they are found within listed buildings. As sash windows are typically nestled in the confines of an older home, they need some maintenance to look pristine and operate seamlessly. Poor upkeep of your windows could see you needing a replacement sash window sooner than desired. So, what are the common problems associated with sash window restoration?

Poor insulation

Older properties often harbour ineffective insulation. When sash windows were originally the rage, single glazed panes were the only option, which isn’t optimised to keeping a house warm. It could also be the case that the sealant isn’t up to scratch. Poor insulation could mean that a sash window repair is needed to make your glazing more effective, increasing the thermal efficiency within your home.

Broken or rotten timbers

Broken or rotten timbers can continue to cause other problems for your windows. If a rotting window frame is left unattended, it can start to erode the exterior brickwork or blow the plasterwork. Repairing the broken or rotten timber sash windows will allow you to have refreshed frames that are sturdy. New frames will last for decades, and you can benefit from making new design choices, or leaving them as they are.

Ill-fitting windows or panes

If for any reason your windows or glass panes are ill-fitting, this can cause water damage to your frames, as well as poor insulation. Water damage can quickly lead to rot in your wooden frames, which then act as a catalyst for further problems. It’s important to get ill-fitting frames repaired, to ensure an energy efficient home with fresh frames that will rid your property of any problems.


Draughts and rattling windows are some of the most annoying household problems. The need to avoid sitting near the window on a windy day, and the ominous clattering of the frames at night can be avoided with window renovations. Repairing draughts will result in a breeze-free home, decreasing your reliance on central heating and making your house energy efficient. It will also ensure your home is a pleasant place to live.

Broken locks

A common problem for the restoration of sash windows, is broken locks. Having locks in your home that aren’t functional is extremely unsafe, as it provides an opportunity for anyone to get into your property. Repairing your broken locks should be at the top of your priority list, and this is a simple repair to guarantee your safety.

Damaged sashes

Damaged sashes, such as broken sash cords, can mean that your sash windows are sadly not functional. In summer, there’s nothing better than opening your sash window to the fresh outdoors, and damaged sashes can hinder this! Fixing your damaged sash will mean that you aren’t left in a stuffy home without the option of opening any windows.

Sash windows can be repaired to ensure your home is secure, energy efficient and in good condition. There are a variety of levels to repairing sash windows, from carrying out a draught seal to repairing timbers and installing brand new ironmongery, creating exactly the same aesthetic as your current windows. This is especially helpful if you live in a conservation area or in a listed building,

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