Yet again, the season of crispy, caramel-coloured leaves and pumpkin picking is upon us. Wedged firmly and fondly in the middle of autumn is the long-awaited holiday of Halloween, and many people wait months until they can bring out their faithful decorations and make their home the spooky haven it was meant to be. If you are a Halloween lover and the prospect of decorating your home is calling you, here are our tips on decorating your sash or casement windows, whilst keeping their health in mind

Create a scene with fake blood

With something as simple as some fake blood, you can make it look like some damage has been done. To turn your windows into a spooky scene of a bloodbath, find some fake blood and some artistic spirit. This is something you can turn into a family activity. You could either make it look like blood is dripping down the windows or make handprints on the glass from the red liquid. Something so easy is sure to give the neighbours a scare!

How do you clean your glass afterwards?

After Halloween has passed, you do not want to be left with blood stains on your windows. To revert your glass panes to their pristine condition, you may be wondering how to clean off the fake blood. If soap and water is not effective enough, you could try using a little unloved alcohol. This should be able to remove it all the way, after which you can clean your window with warm water and soap to remove any residue.

Collect and display your scary items

Although displaying your decorations on the outside of your home is commonplace for many people, putting them within your home and in pride of place in your windows could protect them. Autumn weather is unreliable, not to mention the risk of your decorations getting egged on Halloween night! Putting them in your window frame could allow you to reuse them the next year and will keep them safe as well as complementing your home. So, what can you display in your window?


Carving pumpkins is one of the crucial parts of Halloween. Getting family and friends involved can help you turn it into a wholesome activity, or even a competition. Placing a tealight in your carved pumpkin and placing it centre stage in your window frame will make for some twinkling decorations – from a safety perspective or if you have young children or pets in the house, there are some very realistic battery operated tealights on the market too.

Skeletons and candles

If you are not particularly crafty and want to keep the DIY decorations and projects to a minimum this Halloween, fear not! Many shops and supermarkets have a plethora of decorations that you can choose from, including skeletons, candles, lanterns, and more. Place these items in your window frame so that they can be seen from the outside.

Avoiding condensation from your decorations

In the autumn and winter seasons, condensation can become a problem for your windows, with persistent condensation leading to mould and damage to your windows. To avoid condensation from appearing, ensure that the decorations you place in your window frame are not too close to the glass frames. This will encourage a good amount of ventilation, reducing the likelihood of condensation on the glass. You could also consider leaving your curtains open whilst your decorations are up, further increasing the ventilation throughout your home.

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