When referring to stained glass, many people immediately think of churches and the bold, elaborate, religious scenes depicted into their large glass windows. Historically, all of the different colours, pictures and symbols on the glass held a certain meaning to help those unable to read, learn the scripture, and bring bible stories to life.

Today, stained glass is simply admired as a colourful, vibrant and unique way to decorate glass. It adds character and creativity to anything it decorates, whether it is a window, a glass lampshade or a keyring. In our many years, working in properties across London, the home counties, and the south of England, we have seen lots of great ideas of how stained glass can be used to make a feature within a home, so we thought we’d share some of them with you to help get you inspired.

Decorate your front door

First impressions count. What better way to welcome a visitor, introduce your personality and set the scene for a welcoming home, than by decorating your front door with a tasteful, bespoke design that perfectly complements your property. A design that is in keeping with the rest of your house will provide you with the ultimate in value adding kerb appeal.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Add Leaded glass to your window panels

Stained glass isn’t just a good choice for traditional properties, quite often you can do so much more with a contemporary house because the design and colour choice can be much more modern and varied. Leaded panels are a great choice for creating lasting, future-proof visual appeal. Geometric designs and patters are a modern interior design trend, widely used in leaded glass panels. Geometry helps create bright and modern interiors, balance and harmony in rooms and add a fresh touch to home decorating and is unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon.


Utilise glass ceilings and skylights

Modern living and interior design seems to favour letting in as much light as possible. Many modern homes incorporate as many glazed sections as it can muster. Roof lights and glass ceilings are a popular choice for getting light into the middle of a building or room, and their top-down illumination can transform a home’s interiors. So, why not make them a feature? When light diffuses through a stained-glass it creates decorations of colour on surrounding structures. During the day, stained glass is animated by changing light, casting its patterns around the room. The colours can even be different on a bright day to a duller day.

Decorate cabinet doors

Grandiose designs are not always necessary to create a feature. Stained glass panels can be fitted into a variety of areas, including interior door panels (interior French doors look particularly beautiful when enhanced with stained glass) and cabinet doors.

Don’t dismiss your kitchen and bathroom

These rooms can often get overlooked but, they are actually great rooms to add a touch of artistry within glassed sections. Stained glass is suited to parts of the house like the kitchen, bathroom or conservatory where it is difficult to hang artwork because steam and humidity would likely ruin it, or sunlight fade it. Glass, however, will not get damaged by these factors. The kitchen and bathroom also tend to be rooms that people linger and ponder, so the glass will be admired and enjoyed for longer.

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