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Stained glass has been around for centuries, in fact, tools employed by craftsman for making glass have been known to date back thousands of years.  Traditionally, stained glass was used in British churches and became more common in houses during the Victorian and Edwardian periods.  The privileged few that boasted stained glass in their home often used them to pull rank in social status.

Today, we know that although some of the tools to create stained glass have been modernised and improved upon, the traditional skill has been retained, and stained glass windows are still hand crafted as they were centuries ago.  Unlike most window companies, here at Wandsworth Sash Windows we love working with stained glass and we are able to either repair and refit (or make new) your existing windows, or if this is your first experience of stained glass windows, we can create a brand new bespoke design especially for you.

Stained glass window repair

If you are looking to revamp or repair your existing windows, our team of very skilled craftspeople would love to help.  One of our installers will visit your home and carefully remove the existing stained glass.  The installer will do this using extreme precision as old, fragile glass is not often in the best condition.  The installer then carefully wraps and stores the glass.  We will temporarily re-glaze the openings with clear glass before we send to our workshop to be expertly glazed into new frames.  If the glass needs to be repaired in any way we may send to our friends at Bromley Stained Glass where they help us with a range of specialist works from re-soldering a small amount of lead, replacing panes within the stained glass unit with new glass that matches the existing elements, to replacing all the leadwork.

New stained glass windows

If you are new to stained glass windows or would just like to start from scratch, then we would love to arrange a design consultation to either match your existing windows or create a completely new and bespoke design with you.  Making new stained glass allows us to seal it inside a double-glazed unit to create double-glazed stained glass windows.

The manufacturing process

There is a reason why the manufacturing process of stained-glass windows has remained the same for thousands of years…because it works!  However, it is a highly skilled craft that requires time to perfect.  For the manufacture of new leaded glass, we would allow 4-6 weeks.  If replicating the existing glass, the design timeframe could be as little as 2 days, or a few weeks if there is a lot of back and forth between our team and the customer.


How much does a stained glass window cost?

We can either repair and refit the existing or create brand new designs. We can usually quote for both options.

Obviously, the price will depend on your exact requirements but as a guide:

  • We recently repaired existing windows on a property in Kings Hall Road (Beckenham, Kent) and the repairs cost around £400 for all ten panes.
  • We recently installed new leaded glass on a property in Green Lane (Chislehurst, Kent) which cost around £950.


If you are thinking about revamping your property and would like a stained glass feature, or bespoke windows, doors or shutters for your home improvement project, please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat.  We are always happy to chat through any questions and queries you have.  Call us on 020 3582 762, email info@sashwindows.london or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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