Sash windows in a property will often become one of the most gorgeous and envied features. If you have sash windows within your home, it’s likely you appreciate their stunning beauty! Sometimes, however, your sash windows can run into some problems or wear and tear. If this happens, you will run into two main options: repairing or replacing your sash windows. The question is, which option will be optimal for your home and your requirements?

What is the difference between repairing and replacing a sash window?

Replacing a sash window includes an entire refit of your sash window, even down to the window sill. A repair is slightly more elective in the parts of the sash window that it focuses on. If there are isolated issues, a repair can fix those issues to ensure the window is at full functioning capacity.

What are the benefits of repairing a sash window?

Repairing a sash window can come with many benefits, that may suit your property more than an entire replacement. These benefits include:

Retain your original aesthetic

The original aesthetic of sash windows is incredibly sought-after and is part of the reason why people elect to repair their windows instead of replacing them. The aesthetic of original glazing is even sometimes why people purchase a certain property.

Increase your windows’ longevity

A repair can help you extend the longevity of your windows without conducting a full replacement. This could preserve your windows, which is especially important if only a small section of your sash windows is faulty.

Service isolated parts of your window

If there is only a small problem with your windows, such as the locks aren’t reliable anymore, or the sill is worn, it would be an inefficient use of resources and money to replace the entire window. This is where a repair can be the smartest choice, allowing you to fix the small issue rather than conducting unnecessary works.

What are the benefits of replacing your sash windows?

Replacing your sash windows could be the option that appeals to your home the most. The benefits of this could include:

Increased energy efficiency

An overwhelming benefit of replacing your sash windows is the impact it can have on your energy efficiency. Many older homes are graced with sash windows, but if they are an older property, it’s likely these windows are single glazed. Single glazing is not optimised towards heat retention in the slightest, meaning you could be suffering from higher energy bills, and low energy efficiency. Replacement sash windows can improve these issues, whilst replicating the aesthetic of original windows.

Guaranteed longevity of your entire window

A replacement of sash windows could result in greater longevity compared with repairing them. This is because if you conduct a partial repair on your sash window, there is then no guarantee that another component of the window won’t then need its own repair in a year or two. This would consequently cause further cost, whereas a replacement will provide you with entirely new windows, with their own guarantee of longevity.

The addition of increased property value

There is no denying that a home that is energy efficient has an increased amount of value than a home that struggles with heat retention. Investing in your sash windows with a replacement service could add value to your home, especially if the design of your windows is in keeping with the aesthetic of the period that your home was built in.

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