As we gear up for the new year, it’s a great time to reflect on what London homeowners have loved in the home improvement scene and look forward to 2024.


The upcoming year is about nailing the perfect mix of practicality and style and doing right by our planet, where the emphasis is on designing homes that combine comfort and efficiency while maintaining a visually appealing aesthetic. With our homes now serving as spaces for living, working, and relaxation, it is crucial that they feel like a pleasant sanctuary. This trend isn’t just a one-year wonder; it’s been rolling over for the past year. Antique brass hardware on doors and windows has been stealing the spotlight, and olive green doors have been making waves. Plus, those soft pastel colours are all the rage in windows. A few years back, it was all about dark navy blue doors, sash and casement windows, but now it’s all about those lighter-coloured windows paired with sandstone-like finishes stealing the show. It’s like a home makeover with a nature-friendly edition.



Let’s dive into our predictions for 2024 and spark some ideas for your next home improvement project:


1. Connecting with Nature

With the remote work trend sticking around, our living spaces have become our sanctuaries. At Wandsworth Sash Windows, we know that for many homeowners, keeping a connection with the outdoors is a must, even if you might spend more time indoors. Who wouldn’t love letting in tons of natural light? It’s all about bringing the outdoors in and creating a bright, refreshing atmosphere that connects both.



Picture this – you could let the outside vibes in with those easy-breezy Bi-folding or French doors and add a personal touch with a rainbow of colour choices. With their sleek lines and no-fuss design, they are still the go-to for easy access to outdoor spaces and breathtaking views all year. These doors aren’t just good-looking; they’re a smart move for various projects, like creating cosy kitchen spaces or turning garages into chill zones, and for that extra touch of open-air charm, think about throwing in some oversized lanterns.


2. Making It Yours with Colours and Personal Touches

As homes become more like Swiss Army knives – doing a bit of everything, you can get creative with the entrances to your all-in-one home with your door choices. Imagine wrapping your front doors in vibes of soft hues like agate grey, creamy off-whites, teal, duck egg blue, turquoise or earthy sage green. 


But it doesn’t stop at colours. Homeowners can take it up a notch with personalised glass options. Think coloured, bevelled, and unique styles, adding a dash of personality and style to homes.



3. Cosy and Earth-Friendly Living Spaces

The desire for homes that embrace nature, warmth, and versatility has been a driving inspiration behind recent home improvement projects. Windows that work like nature’s own mechanisms, designed to keep the cosiness in and the elements out, are crucial for maintaining a harmonious indoor environment. 


Adding a touch of eco-magic, solar glass installations not only control temperatures but also dance with natural light, ensuring a gentle balance. See it as your home’s way of keeping things cool in the months when the sun feels too warm. It’s all about creating a space that vibes with the natural rhythm of the seasons.



4. Timeless Charm and Natural Details

This year has witnessed a beautiful return to classic features and finishes that breathe with the elegance of timelessness. Guess what? This natural trend is set to continue, embracing both the modern and the traditional. For those looking to infuse their homes with classic style, you should still consider Sash or flush Casement windows. They echo the beauty of timber frames found in the heart of nature while seamlessly embracing modern technology. Choose colours and finishes that feel like a stroll through the woods – maybe even add a woodgrain touch for that extra dash of natural charm. These windows bring not just security but a cosy, nature-inspired feel to your home.


If this helps you think of bringing a touch of nature into your living space in 2024, contact Wandsworth Sash Windows. We’re here to help you weave the essence of nature into your dream home. Our crafted windows and doors speak the language of quality and care. Ready to take the first step? Contact us for a friendly chat. Let us be your guide on this nature-infused journey. 

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