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Sash Window Services in London

Sash Window Services London

Wandsworth Sash Window Services

Sash Window Services

Here are the details of the services that we here at Wandsworth Sash Windows can supply for you.

Sash Window Repairs

Sash Window RepairsHere at Wandsworth Sash Windows we can provide a complete sash window repair service that will overhaul your existing sash windows and rectify any problems that we find, all without changing the visible appearance of your windows one single iota. We will replace inefficient insulation, repair the timbers, re-balance and adjust the sashes and install new unbreakable chords.

Draught seal and overhaul

Draught Seal and OverhaulIf your sash windows were installed some time ago, then it’s unlikely that whoever installed them had access to the kinds of insulation materials that are available today.

We can apply modern insulation materials to your sash windows to seal off any draughts, and all without altering their appearance. We can also overhaul your windows completely, replacing any rotten timber or sills, and refurbishing any single sashes where necessary.

Sash replacement

Sash Window ReplacementWe can replace your existing sashes on a window-by-window basis, installing brand new sashes with thermally efficient double glazing into your existing box frames. This is likely to be quicker, less complicated and more cost-effective than installing brand new sash windows.

Complete renewal

Complete RenewalThis involves the complete renewal of the window, including both sashes and the entire box frame. All our windows are custom-made to order by our experienced joiners at our premises where they are glazed, undercoated and primed and then glossed. Our windows are then perfectly installed into your home’s apertures, reducing heat loss and increasing thermal efficiency.

Casement windows

Casement WindowsWe supply and install casement windows as well as sash windows. We can manufacture and install both flush and storm casements in tandem with your requirements in any mixture of operational styles and openings.

If you’d like to talk to us about any of the services we provide at Wandsworth Sash Windows, then please phone us on 020 7924 7303, or send us a message through our contact form by clicking here.

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