Sash windows and wooden doors can bring a touch of elegance and charm to any home, but like other architectural elements, they are not immune to wear and tear. At Wandsworth Sash Windows, we understand how important it is to maintain these classic features to preserve the character of your property; so here, we will discuss common problems associated with sash windows and wooden doors and provide practical solutions to help keep them in top condition.


  • Drafts and Energy Efficiency

Drafts are one of the most common issues with sash windows and wooden doors, and they can significantly affect energy efficiency. With time, the wood can warp, or the window frame can become misaligned, allowing cold air to seep in. To address this problem, you can consider weatherstripping or applying a fresh coat of paint to seal any gaps, ensuring that your windows and doors remain energy-efficient.


  • Rot and Decay

Wooden doors and sash windows are vulnerable to rot and decay, particularly in areas with high humidity or environmental exposure. It is crucial to carry out regular inspections to identify early signs of deterioration. We suggest treating the wood with a high-quality sealant or paint to safeguard against moisture. If the rot has advanced, our experts can carry out a complete replacement, which will replace the damaged sections, restoring the structural integrity of your windows and doors.


  • Sticking or Jamming Sashes

Over time, sash windows may become difficult to open and close due to issues such as sticking or jamming; this can happen due to a buildup of paint, worn-out cords, or imbalanced sashes. To ensure smooth operation, it is recommended to use a window repair service that can address these issues through cord replacement, lubrication, and realignment. While Wandsworth Sash Windows does not offer a repair service, as we offer a Replacement service, our staff are happy to recommend a reliable repair company to assist you.


  • Faulty Hardware

Sash windows and wooden doors can suffer from faulty hardware, like damaged locks, handles, and pulleys. If you’re experiencing issues with your windows and doors, Wandsworth Sash Windows can help with our  Replacement Services. Upgrading modern and more secure hardware options can enhance your home’s aesthetics and security, ensuring your windows and doors look beautiful and function seamlessly.


  • Deteriorating Glazing

As sash windows age, the glazing putty can dry out and crack, causing leaks and decreasing insulation. We advise conducting regular inspections and re-glazing the windows when necessary to avoid these issues. Installing double-glazed units can also enhance energy efficiency and sound insulation.


In conclusion, it is essential to maintain the aesthetic appeal and functionality of sash windows and wooden doors, which could be achieved through regular inspections, timely maintenance, and strategic upgrades. If you are thinking of replacing or overhauling your sash windows or wooden doors, by choosing Wandsworth Sash Windows, you can rely on quality craftsmanship and solutions that address your needs. Trust us for all your requirements related to these timeless architectural features in your home. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

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