If you’re a style enthusiast, it’s likely that you’re a fan of sash windows. The design of your property’s interior is probably something you take pride in, and so you may carefully select your furnishings and colour schemes to create the best home possible. Sash windows are a feature that can benefit more than just your home’s practicality. If you’re re-decorating your home and weighing up whether to replace your windows with sash windows or not, here are just some of the reasons why their classic style complements a contemporary design.

The mixture of contemporary and classic styles

Sash windows traditionally fit in line with a classic style of interior design. As time has moved on though, not many homes still subscribe to the traditional interior style that they once did in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Therefore, if you already have sash windows, but you’re hoping to transition your style into a contemporary fashion, then you will have to think about blending these two styles.

  • Your sash windows can serve as your transition

    If you’re transitioning your home from a more traditional style into a contemporary one, it’s likely that you won’t be able to do this all at once. As a piece that is well-known for being nestled in the classical period, sash windows can tie your newer items in with your older style, for as long as you need.

  • The blend of styles ensures a timeless design

    Having a blend of styles in your home will ensure that your home benefits from a timeless interior design. The combination of inspiration from all time periods will ensure that your home will stay on trend for many years to come, and also decreases the likelihood of you wanting to change any aspects, as your attention will be held.

  • Sash windows can be a style piece in themselves

    Sash windows are very versatile when it comes to blending in with the home. They are often style pieces all by themselves, with their classic design lending character and interest to the room. This versatility can give you more options in the rest of your home, allowing you to choose a mid-century design, or a monochromatic modern design, safe in the knowledge that your windows will still look stunning.

Tips for decorating whilst incorporating your sash windows

Your sash windows are already a style feature by themselves. Therefore, to bring them into your modern style, you could think about decorating with a neutral colour palette, letting the accent features in your space speak.

What are the benefits of sash windows?

Other than the aesthetic purposes of a sash window (they are beautiful additions to a home), sash windows provide practical benefits too. Installing brand-new sash windows can ensure that your home’s energy efficiency is as good as can be. This is especially possible with the use of vacuum insulated glass windows, which will provide the sleek nature of thin glass, with the efficiency that rivals triple glazing windows. They also provide your home with excellent ventilation and will be excellently durable within your property.

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