Address: Croft Road, Hastings, East Sussex
Service: Complete sash replacement of all windows throughout the property using Fineo glass
Job value: £35,000 – £40,000

The client of this beautiful four bedroom, terraced property in the heart of Hastings Old Town, contracted Wandsworth Sash Windows to craft new sashes throughout the four floors of the property. The client asked for exact replicas of the original sashes being replaced. The only difference was that the client wanted us to glaze the windows with Fineo glass.

Our workshop in East Sussex crafted new wooden sashes made to the same design as the originals and glazed them with 7.7mm thick Fineo glass. This is a popular vacuum insulated glass suitable for anyone that wants or needs a premium glazing option. Despite being ultra-thin, Fineo glass boasts thermally efficiencies equivalent to that of triple glazing. Its super thin profile has also been a revelation for owners of period properties that have historically struggled to find an energy efficient alternative to single glass panes that planning authorities are happy to approve.

When we first began a discussion with the perspective client about Fineo glass, they were curious about the micro spacers which are in place to separate the two pieces of glass. We explained that this vacuum was not very visible unless your nose is pressed up to the glass, but it is what makes the glass like radiators because the vacuum, despite its smallness, is super-efficient at diminishing heat losses via conduction and convection.

The traditional sash windows we installed in this property complements its elegant, light, interior design. The properties new, premium specification windows are the perfect way for the client to enjoy the seaside landscape that surrounds the property.

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