Conservation areas in Wandsworth

Wandsworth has a wide array of conservation areas, demonstrating the historic and architectural variety that can be found throughout the borough. Living in a conservation area requires you to comply with stricter planning controls, making it essential to understand what the relevant guidelines are if you’re planning to make alterations to your property. Luckily, the team at Wandsworth Sash Windows is happy to offer their expertise if you need support with a planning application.

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Wandsworth conservation areas

What is a conservation area?

A conservation area designates a particular area as being worthy of preservation. This could be because of its unique character, history, or architecture. By managing which alterations can be made to properties in conservation areas, the local authority can ensure that their features are retained for future generations.

Why does Wandsworth have conservation areas?

The conservation areas in Wandsworth aim to ensure that the character of the borough isn’t diluted or lost over time. These areas have been identified as being important parts of the local architectural heritage, and so the council has taken on the responsibility of protecting and caring for these.

Where are the conservation areas in Wandsworth?

Conservation areas in Wandsworth are extremely varied, covering single streets, the remnants of villages, and architecturally significant social housing. If you live in the borough, familiarise yourself with these areas so that you know whether or not your property falls under these stricter rules.

Local conservation areas

  1. Alton
  2. Bathgate Road
  3. Battersea Park
  4. Battersea Square
  5. Charlwood Road and Lifford Street
  6. Clapham Common
  7. Clapham Junction
  8. Coalecroft Road
  9. Culverden Road
  10. Deodar Road
  11. Dinsmore Road
  12. Dover House Estate
  13. East Putney
  14. Garrad’s Road
  15. Heaver Estate
  16. Landford Road
  17. Latchmere
  18. Magdalen Park
  19. Mellison Road
  20. Nightingale Lane
  21. Old Devonshire Road
  22. Oxford Road
  23. Park Town
  24. Parkfields
  25. Putney Embankment
  26. Putney Heath
  27. Putney Lower Common
  28. Roehampton Village
  29. Rusholme Road
  30. Shaftesbury Park Estate
  31. St John’s Hill Grove
  32. Streatham Park
  33. Sutherland Grove
  34. Three Sisters
  35. Totterdown Fields
  36. Town Hall Road
  37. Victoria Drive
  38. Wandsworth Common
  39. Wandsworth Town
  40. West Hill Road
  41. West Putney
  42. Westbridge Road
  43. Westmead
  44. Wimbledon North
  45. Wimbledon Park Road

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    How does living in a conservation area affect Wandsworth residents?

    There are a number of additional planning controls that you will have to work with if you live in a conservation area. You can find the guidelines for each area on the council’s website, but there are some works that will always need planning permission within these areas, such as:

    • Total or substantial demolition
    • Removing boundary walls, fences, gates
    • Roof alterations
    • Cladding
    • Extensions
    • Building annexes or other ancillary buildings
    • Replacing doors and windows

    Why do our customers love our sash window services?

    Additional restrictions

    If there are particular concerns about preserving an area and its built environment, an Article 4 Direction may be applied. This is an additional measure which removes permitted development rights from properties and makes these alterations subject to planning permission. As a result, the planning authority can retain oversight of the changes that are made. There are currently Article 4 Directions in place for the following Wandsworth conservation areas:

    • Dover House Estate
    • Heaver Estate
    • Latchmere
    • Magdalen Park
    • Putney Lower Common
    • Roehampton Village
    • Shaftesbury Park Estate
    • Totterdown Fields
    • Wandsworth Common

    Gaining planning permission within one of Wandsworth’s conservation areas

    Most property owners are unfamiliar with planning applications. This isn’t an everyday task after all! When it comes to the restrictions that are in place for conservation areas, you may feel more comfortable working with an experienced team like Wandsworth Sash Windows. We’ll be happy to take care of the process on your behalf. Our team have worked with a wide range of local planning authorities and have achieved some fantastic results. We’ve submitted more than 300 applications to date and have a 100% approval rate for applications within conservation areas. We’re happy to help with seeking planning permission for a wide range of home improvement projects, not just new sash window installations.

    How long does it take to apply and gain approval within a conservation area?

    We completely understand why this is such a popular question, but unfortunately there is no decisive answer. There are too many factors that can influence the approval time, including the backlog of submitted applications that are being worked through. However, there are some rough guidelines you can bear in mind:

    Preparing the application – 2-3 weeks

    Gathering the information for the application and understanding the requirements that need to be met can take a little time. We recommend allowing several weeks for this stage, as careful preparation is the best way to ensure your proposed works are in line with the planning authority’s guidelines.

    Assessing the application – 8 weeks

    Technically, the planning authority must return a decision within 8 weeks. However, this window will only start once someone has checked the application and marked it as complete. The decision date may also be delayed if additional information is needed. Applicants don’t have any control over this part of the process, so it’s important to understand that this is just part of applying for permission.

    How long does it take to apply and gain approval for a Listed Building?

    Wandsworth has a number of listed buildings that also need to be taken into account when planning alterations to a property. There are around 500 buildings on the National Heritage List for England (NHLE) and another 500 on the council’s local list.

    Locally listed buildings

    If a building is locally listed, this means that Wandsworth Council have deemed it to be of significant local architectural or historic value. There are no additional planning restrictions that apply to these buildings, but their status will be taken into account when planning applications are made.

    Nationally listed buildings

    Buildings on this list are considered nationally important. They are protected by strict planning controls and any alterations must obtain Listed Building Consent (LBC) beforehand. Failure to do this is a criminal offence. LBC is necessary for any internal or external changes, and a detailed process is followed to check that the building’s character will be preserved. This will take at least 12-18 weeks, no matter what the scale of the proposed changes are.

    What is the Listed Building Consent process?

    Because nationally listed buildings are heavily protected, Listed Building Consent is a highly involved process. In order to gain approval, you will need to work closely with the planning authority and will need to supply any extra information they request. It’s common for more than one application to be made before approval is finally given, due to the strict criteria. At Wandsworth Sash Windows we’re happy to manage the process from start to finish and have put together a guide to Listed Building services to demonstrate the kinds of support we can provide. You can rely on us to manage your expectations and to help you decide on the most realistic and appropriate approach for your project.

    Do you live in one of Wandsworth’s conservation areas?

    We’re always happy to help Wandsworth residents with their planning permission needs. Call 020 8131 2886 or email to discuss your requirements with a member of our team and receive help with your application.