Southwark conservation areas

Are you a Southwark resident in a conservation area? If you’re unsure of the additional planning controls that are in place for your property, it’s important to familiarise yourself with these before making any alterations or pursuing a home improvement project. Plus, when it comes to submitting a planning application, the team at Wandsworth Sash Windows will be happy to lend an expert helping hand. Just get in touch on 020 8131 2886 to tell us your requirements.

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Conservation areas in Southwark

What is a conservation area?

Conservation areas put protections in place to preserve their character and appearance. This means expanding the scope of planning controls so that more and more alterations require permission beforehand. As a result, the qualities that make these areas unique are retained from generation to generation.

Why does Southwark have conservation areas?

Southwark relies on conservation areas to help protect its historic heritage and architectural character. These are the features that make these areas distinctive and worthy of preservation. By carefully managing the changes that can be made to properties in conservation areas, the council can ensure that they aren’t altered beyond recognition.

Where are the conservation areas in Southwark?

You’ll find conservation areas throughout Southwark, making it important to know whether your property falls within one of their boundaries.

Local conservation areas

  1. Addington Square
  2. Bear Gardens
  3. Bermondsey Street
  4. Borough High Street
  5. Caroline Gardens
  6. Camberwell Green
  7. Camberwell Grove
  8. Camberwell New Road
  9. Cobourg Road
  10. Dulwich Village
  11. Dulwich Wood
  12. Edward III’s Rotherhithe
  13. Elliots Row
  14. Glengall Road
  15. Grosvenor Park
  16. Holly Grove
  17. Honor Oak Rise
  18. Kennington Park Road
  19. Kentish Drovers and Bird in Bush
  20. King’s Bench
  21. Larcom Street
  22. Liberty of the Mint
  23. Liverpool Grove
  24. Livesey
  25. Nunhead Cemetery
  26. Nunhead Green
  27. Old Barge House Alley
  28. Pages Walk
  29. Peckham Hill Street
  30. Pullens Estate
  31. Rye Lane Peckham
  32. Sceaux Gardens
  33. George’s Circus
  34. Mary’s Rotherhithe
  35. Saviour’s Dock
  36. Stradella Road
  37. Sunray Estate
  38. Sutherland Square
  39. The Gardens
  40. The Mission
  41. Thomas A’Becket and High Street
  42. Thorburn Square
  43. Thrale Street
  44. Tooley Street
  45. Tower Bridge
  46. Trafalgar Avenue
  47. Trinity Church Square
  48. Union Street
  49. Valentine Place
  50. Walworth Road
  51. West Square
  52. Wilson Grove
  53. Yates Estate and Victory

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    How does living in a conservation area affect Southwark residents?

    When you live in a conservation area there are additional rules that you have to follow. You can learn more about each of the areas of the Southwark Council website. The council also has interactive Southwark conservation area maps that you can explore. Example restrictions that apply to conservation areas include:

    • Demolition
    • Extensions
    • Roof alterations
    • Satellite dishes
    • Replacing windows
    • New developments
    • Works on trees (6 weeks’ notice must be given)

    Why do our customers love our sash window services?

    Additional restrictions

    Southwark Council has applied an Article 4 Direction to the Sunray Estate. This adds further protections to the buildings within this conservation area by removing specific permitted development rights that homeowners would otherwise have enjoyed. These alterations now also require planning permission, allowing the local authority to remain involved and control the changes that can be made without approval. When an area is of particular significance, an Article 4 Direction can prevent minor changes from gradually diluting the character of its properties.

    Gaining planning permission within one of Southwark’s conservation areas

    Seeking planning permission can be an unfamiliar exercise for homeowners, which is why we’re happy to offer our expertise. We’ve submitted more than 300 applications to various local planning authorities and have achieved a 100% approval rate for applications within conservation areas. As a result, you can rely on us to manage your application from start to finish and to spare you the hassle. Wandsworth Sash Windows are happy to help with planning applications for any home improvement project or alteration; we are by no means limited to new sash window installations.

    How long does it take to apply and gain approval within a conservation area?

    You’ll quickly find that there’s no definitive answer to this question. Too many factors can influence how long an application takes, one major consideration being the number of submitted applications that are currently in the queue to be reviewed. Despite this, we’ve drawn upon our experience to offer the following timeframes as a rough guide:

    Preparing the application – 2-3 weeks

    To be sure that the works you are proposing align with the relevant planning requirements, allow several weeks for preparing the application. This ensures there is enough time to gather all the relevant information and check that all the criteria are being met by the application.

    Assessing the application – 8 weeks

    The planning authority have 8 weeks to return their decision. This countdown will only start once the application is marked as complete, giving the planning authority flexibility to delay if they are dealing with a significant backlog. They are also able to extend the decision date by requesting additional information. Unfortunately, nothing can be done if your application is held up by these steps – this is just part of the process.

    How long does it take to apply and gain approval for a Listed Building?

    Southwark has 2,200 buildings listed on the National Heritage List for England (NHLE). It’s important to take account of whether your building is listed as additional restrictions will apply. Southwark is also planning to follow in the footsteps of many other London boroughs and establish a list of locally significant buildings.

    Locally listed buildings

    In November 2022, Southwark Council held a public consultation to establish a list of locally significant buildings. These buildings won’t be subject to additional planning controls, but their historic or architectural character will be taken into consideration when any applications for planning permission are made.

    Nationally listed buildings

    These buildings have been recognised as part of the nation’s heritage. Their listed status makes them subject to strict planning controls and any proposed works must go through an in-depth process to obtain Listed Building Consent (LBC). This is a legal requirement. LBC is required for internal and external alterations and because the process is so thorough you should allow at least 12-18 weeks. You should also note that the scale of the proposed works isn’t taken into account. The full process is always followed.

    What is the Listed Building Consent process?

    As alluded to above, Listed Building Consent is a highly involved process. There will be lots of back and forth with the planning authority and you should expect to supply additional information as the process progresses. In many cases, multiple applications will need to be made before approval is given. This is because of how strict the requirements are. Working with a team like Wandsworth Sash Windows can provide peace of mind that you have access to the support you need. We’ll be able to advise you on the different approaches you could take and will let you know which is most realistic. Read our guide to Listed Building services discover how we can be of assistance.

    Do you live in one of Southwark’s conservation areas?

    We’re here to help Southwark residents gain planning approval. Call 020 8131 2886 or email to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.