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Your property will benefit from sash windows in Wimbledon that are crafted to your exact requirements. We partner with you to ensure that you receive your ideal timber sash windows, tailoring them to your property’s aesthetic. Our team will seamlessly manage the entire design, manufacture, and installation process, allowing quality to remain the focus at every stage. This delivers results that exceed your expectations and keeps any disruption to a minimum. If you already have sash windows, or if you’re looking ahead to the future, you could benefit from our specialist repairs service. We’ll restore your sash windows to their optimum condition so that they enhance your Wimbledon property and its kerb appeal.

Sash windows are a timeless architectural feature that can be spotted throughout Wimbledon. We’ve worked widely within the area, and are familiar with properties in local roads such as Spencer Hill, Raleigh Road, and Vineyard Hill Road. If you’re searching for an experienced team to meet all your sash window needs, our expertise and understanding of the local area make us the ideal choice. Plus, as expert joiners and craftspeople, we have all the skills that are needed to help with timber sash and casement window. To speak to a member of our team about the potential benefits that sash windows in Wimbledon can unlock for your property, call 020 3993 3609 . We’ll be happy to arrange your free consultation so we can learn your requirements.

Handcrafted timber-framed sash windows in Wimbledon

When you choose us for timber sash windows in Wimbledon, you’ll receive made-to-measure windows that match your property perfectly. We’ll work closely with you, managing the process so that disruption is kept to a minimum and you can enjoy the best possible customer experience. From the moment you contact us, right through to the completion of your home improvement project, you can rely on our team to meet all your requirements.

  • Your initial consultation will focus on your requirements, allowing us to build a clear picture of what your ideal sash windows will entail.
  • We will take precise measurements from your property so that we can work to the required dimensions. This will ensure your brand-new sash windows can be installed seamlessly.
  • All our sash windows are made by hand using sustainable timber. We prefer to use Scandinavian kiln-dried redwood as, as well as being sustainable, it produces highly durable results.
  • If you would prefer to discuss other timber options, our team will be happy to work with you to explore the possibilities. Using our expertise, we’ll make sure you receive quality sash windows.
  • At the final stage of the manufacturing process your choice of finish will allow you to tailor your sash windows to your preferred aesthetic. Hand-painted wooden frames are a popular and timeless choice.

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Bespoke sash windows in Wimbledon could rejuvenate your property. Call 020 3993 3609 or email to speak to our team and arrange your free consultation. You can also leave your contact details below, and you can expect a quick response from our team.

    Double glazed and triple glazed sash windows in Wimbledon

    Despite their traditional appearance, made-to-measure sash windows in Wimbledon can match the performance of modern windows thanks to the range of glazing options that are available within their construction. Double glazed, triple glazed, or vacuum glazed glass units can make a significant difference to the energy efficiency of a property, as the insulating gap between panes of glass can prevent heat from being transferred through your windows. This works to your advantage all year round, as heat can’t escape during the winter or enter during the summer. Your chosen glazing can also help if you live in a noisy area, as there are options which can dampen this effect. This will prevent your property from being disturbed by passersby or traffic. When investing in bespoke sash windows, being able to have input throughout the construction process ensures that you’ll receive the double glazed or triple glazed sash windows in Wimbledon that you deserve. Call 020 3993 3609 to discuss your glazing options options with a member of our team.

    Sash window replacements in Wimbledon

    When your existing windows have been part of your property for years, they may no longer be as efficient as they could be. Plus, they may have an old, outdated appearance that is detracting from your property’s appearance rather than enhancing it. In this situation, replacing your sash windows in Wimbledon could be an attractive option. Our team will advise you on a suitable course of action, allowing you to refresh your windows with a made-to-measure alternative.

    • Total replacement – The scope of the repairs for your sash windows may mean that they aren’t cost effective to carry out. If this is the case, replacing your wooden box frames and window sashes could be a superior route, allowing you to benefit from brand-new windows that function perfectly.
    • Partial replacement – To control the cost of a replacement, it may be possible to retain your current box frames. This will allow you to replace your window sashes, cords, and beads to create completely new windows with less disruption to your property.

    Sash window repairs in Wimbledon

    To enjoy your wooden sash windows for as long as possible, staying on top of any maintenance requirements will be essential. Our dedicated sash window repair service ensures that, no matter the size of the issue, you have access to professional support from our team. We’ll use our skills to restore your sash windows to prime condition, taking full advantage of wood’s repairability. If your wooden frames are starting to rot or your glass units are damaged, we can replace the affected areas to restore the integrity of your windows. We can also take care of a wide range of smaller repairs, such as changing sash cords and draught excluders. Customers in Wimbledon can rely on us for a prompt and professional repairs service that meets all their requirements, regardless of the complexity.

    Why choose Wandsworth Sash Windows in Wimbledon?

    Our expertise sets us apart for sash windows in Wimbledon. The wide-ranging experience we’ve built up in every aspect of the design, manufacture, installation, and repair process ensures that our customers can always rely on us to meet their requirements.

    • Your requirements will be realised through our handcrafted construction process.
    • Your design will draw on our expertise and your property’s aesthetic to create the ideal result.
    • Your experience will be seamless and straightforward – our bespoke sash windows are installed without issues.
    • The time we spend during your consultation allows us to produce a quote that you can rely on.
    • Traditional methods are preserved within your timber windows, supporting UK craftspeople in the process.
    • Taking care of the environment is key. We source all our wood sustainably to minimise our impact.

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    The quality of our workmanship has been recognised by our customers in Wimbledon and this has been recorded in the reviews we’ve received. Take a look for yourself and see why we’re the team to choose for all your sash window needs.

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