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Our wide-ranging expertise makes us the right choice for sash windows in Teddington. We design, build, and install made-to-measure wooden sash windows that deliver the ideal finish for properties throughout the Teddington area. All our services are carefully tailored to our customers’ requirements so that they receive the results they deserve. We also offer repair and replacement services which ensure that your sash windows are looked after beyond the initial installation. When you need assistance, we’ll be ready and willing to help. It all starts with a personal consultation to gather the information we need to meet requirements and exceed expectations.

Sash windows are a popular choice in Teddington that can be seen in a number of local roads such as Bolton Gardens, Elmtree Road, and Springfield Road. Their classic appearance is highly versatile, complementing contemporary and traditional properties with ease. Our process ensures that quality is always a focus so, whether we’re working on sash or casement window, we make sure that all our customers receive results that they just can’t wait to show off. If you’d like to explore the possibilities for your sash windows in Teddington, call 020 3993 3609 to speak to a member of our team.

Handcrafted timber-framed sash windows in Teddington

Each sash window we produce in Teddington is crafted by hand using traditional methods. This ensures that the finished result will perfectly complement your property and will meet your requirements. Our sash window design, build, and installation experience give customers complete confidence in the quality of our workmanship.

  • The initial consultation draws out all your requirements and ensures that we know exactly how to provide the sash window solution you desire.
  • We manufacture your windows based on the measurements of your property, making sure that they fit perfectly. Installation is hassle-free.
  • To ensure a durable result, we prefer to use Scandinavian kiln-dried redwood. This timber has been tried and tested by our team and has been selected for its long-lasting properties.
  • Alternative timber options are available. If you have something in mind, talk to our team and we’ll help to determine the right choice for your requirements.
  • The finish for your timber sash windows will be tailored to your style preferences. A range of options are available, though hand-painted frames are a particularly popular choice.

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    Double glazed and triple glazed sash windows in Teddington

    When designing your ideal bespoke sash windows, don’t overlook the potential within your window sashes. Selecting double glazed, triple glazed, or vacuum glazed glass units can deliver a number of additional benefits for your property. Their insulating properties act to retain heat within the home and can even help to block out external noises that would otherwise cause a disturbance. Whether you wish to improve the energy efficiency of your property or you’re looking for a solution to overcome being in a busy Teddington location, our made-to-measure wooden sash windows are an excellent option. We combine the classic appearance of sash windows with modern glazing technology, giving you the best of both worlds. If you’d like to learn more about the double glazed or triple glazed sash window options that are available to you, our team will be happy to help.

    Sash window replacements in Teddington

    Replacement sash windows in Teddington are an ideal way to enhance your property’s kerb appeal when your existing windows are looking tired or are no longer energy efficient. Our team can provide partial and complete replacements according to your needs and will make sure that you receive results that you can’t wait to show off. As an experienced design, build, and install team, we have all the sash window expertise that you could require.

    • Total replacement – If your windows aren’t suitable for repair, or if it wouldn’t be cost-effective to pursue this route, we can replace them completely. Made-to-measure replacements will be fitted in place of your box frames and sashes, providing a new lease of life for your property.
    • Partial replacement – If we’re able to retain your wooden box frames and you’d like to pursue this route, a partial replacement can be an effective option. By just having new window sashes, cords, and beads installed, you can refresh your windows at a reduced cost.

    Sash window repairs in Teddington

    Turn to our team if you need high-quality sash window repairs in Teddington. We’ll use our expertise to address any issues that may be present and will make sure that your windows are returned to prime condition. We can carry out a wide range of repairs – one of the benefits of wooden sash windows is their repairability and this is an area we excel in. Our team can replace any rotting wood or damaged glass units, and can also help with smaller quality of life improvements such as changing sash cords. If energy efficiency is a concern, we can make sure your sash windows have effective draught excluders in place, helping to retain heat within your Teddington home. Making sure your sash windows are repaired and are in top working condition can be a worthwhile investment!

    Why choose Wandsworth Sash Windows in Teddington?

    We’re here to help with any requirements related to sash windows in Teddington. Our expert team has experience in a wide range of areas, from design and installation right through to repairs. This means that, when you need professional assistance, you know who to contact.

    • When we’re working on your sash windows, they’ll be hand built by experienced craftspeople
    • The expert advice we can provide will ensure you receive the perfect windows for your property.
    • Installation is made simple, as made-to-measure windows deliver a perfect fit.
    • The personal consultations we carry out ensure that all our quotations are accurate.
    • Traditional methods are used to construct every window from scratch, right here in the UK.
    • Sustainably sourced timber avoids any unnecessary environmental impact.

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    The quality and convenience of our sash window services have earned us a reputation that we’re proud of in Teddington. Hear from the people who know best by reading through the reviews that previous customers have kindly left for us.

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