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If you notice your sash windows in Streatham have become aged or damaged, our team of experts are well suited to the job. We offer specialist sash window repairs, replacements, or refurbishment to provide the perfect complement to the rest of your home. We possess extensive experience in creating handmade sash and casement windows, suited to the requirements of our customers and their homes. Our careful process involves arranging an initial consultation with one of our specialists, who can discuss your requirements with you before providing you with a quote.

We have already provided our sash window services to numerous properties in Streatham and the surrounding areas, and our customers have come to expect consistent quality from us. Having worked on Pinfold Road and Ashlake Road as well as numerous other properties around Streatham Hill station, residents have repeatedly returned to us for a reliable service. If you would like to make an enquiry, give us a call on 020 3993 3609 so that we can arrange a consultation.

Handcrafted timber-framed sash windows in Streatham

Your new timber sash windows for your Streatham property are handmade to order by our specialists to ensure that they meet our high standards every time. Find out what you can expect:

  • After deciding on suitable sash windows, we will get started at our workshop constructing them to meet your requirements.
  • We measure the dimensions of your existing windows to ensure that each window we produce is manufactured precisely to be a perfect fit and ensure maximum insulation.
  • We use special Scandinavian kiln-dried redwood for manufacturing each wooden window, as this is a particularly durable and weather-resistant timber.
  • If you already have an idea of the type of timber you would prefer for your windows, we can discuss this with you and offer something well suited to your property.
  • Once we have made your new sash windows, you can choose a from a range of colours so that we can hand paint them and provide the perfect finish.

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To discuss your sash window requirements further with us, you can speak to us via phone or email, or leave your details in the contact form. Call now on 020 3993 3609 or email so that we can better understand your requirements.

    Double glazed and triple glazed sash windows in Streatham

    To reap the benefits of your new sash windows even further, why not consider double glazed or triple glazed windows for your Streatham property? Having these installed as opposed to standard sash windows can have a number of benefits for your property. Double glazing works by trapping air or argon gas between two planes of glass, slowing down the process of heat escaping through your windows and keeping your home warmer for longer. The savings you could see on your energy bills makes this an option worth considering. For an additional layer of insulation, we also offer triple glazing to prevent heat loss even further. You can also expect noise pollution to be minimised by installing triple glazing, as traffic and other outside noises cannot pass through as easily and this will make a noticeable difference if your home is located by a busy road.

    Sash window replacements in Streatham

    If you are the owner of a period property in Streatham with wooden sash windows installed, you will see their condition deteriorate over time and eventually they will need to be replaced. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may require a full or partial replacement. Our experts can take a look and assess what the best course of action is, and if your box frames can still be used to retain the character of your home. Your options for replacement sash windows include:

    • A full replacement, which involves removing both box frames and sashes that are too damaged to have repairs carried out. We will then carefully carry out fitting of completely new windows which have been custom made to your specifications and measured to precisely fit your property.
    • Sash replacement is also an option for your home, which will allow you to keep the original box frames and preserve the original windows of your property. Installing new sashes means with new important parts such as beads and sash cords means your windows will last for many years into the future. These new windows can also be double glazed and draught proofed to benefit overall insulation.

    Sash window repairs in Streatham

    As your sash windows begin to age, you may think that you will need to replace them completely, but this is not always the case. Our sash window experts in Streatham can assess their condition, then carry out a long-lasting repair that will extend their lifespan. We have dealt with some common sash window problems, including rotten wood, poor insulation, damage to the sash and its moving parts and loose windows. Our team are able to fit replacement parts such as beads or cords or reinsulate your windows by fitting draught proofing and excluders. We can also rebalance sashes that may not be opening and closing properly, and repair timber that has rotted away over time.

    Why choose Wandsworth Sash Windows in Streatham?

    We have operated throughout Streatham for a number of years and have developed our reputation for quality and consistency when repairing or replacing sash windows. Rest assured, you can rely on us.

    • We make your windows by hand and to your precise specifications.
    • Regardless of the condition of your sash windows, we have a suitable service for you. This includes repairs, replacement or refurbishment. We can help you to decide on the best option.
    • Your windows are made to measure, meaning they will be fitted to the exact dimensions of your property and there will be minimal heat loss.
    • We follow a process that involves an initial consultation with us to understand your requirements, before assessing the condition of your windows and providing you with a quote.
    • Each window that we manufacture is made in the UK, by our team at our dedicated workshop. We ensure that each one meets our standards before installation goes ahead.
    • Protecting the environment is of the utmost importance to us, which is why the timber used for our windows is always responsibly sourced.

    A review from a sash window customer in Streatham

    We are proud of our reputation for high quality sash window repairs and replacements, and this is reflected in the feedback we have received from our Streatham customers. Read some of our latest reviews to find out why our customers recommend us.

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