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We’re the sash window experts in Battersea that you’ve been looking for. Our team has extensive experience designing and manufacturing bespoke timber sash windows using traditional methods, giving them the skills to provide your ideal sash window solution. We also regularly work on sash windows throughout the local area, carrying out high-quality repairs and replacements that ensure your property is in the best possible condition.

Our services are highly personal – we’ll arrange an initial consultation with you to ensure that we fully understand your sash window needs and can provide an accurate quote.

Battersea homeowners in roads such as Burns Road, Battersea Park Road, and Octavia Street have taken advantage of our services, contributing to the track record of excellence we’ve built up throughout areas of London such as Battersea.

Whether we’re working within traditional period properties or are adding a classic touch to a contemporary home, you can rely on Wandsworth Sash Windows to provide all the professional support your sash windows require. Call 020 3993 3609 to discuss your requirements with our team and discover how we can make a difference to your property in Battersea.

Handcrafted timber-framed sash windows

Once you’ve decided on the timber sash windows for your Battersea property, you’ll be able to sit back as our team meticulously crafts them by hand. We follow a careful quality control process to make sure that every frame meets the highest possible standards.

  • Following your consultation and quote, we will get to work manufacturing your sash windows in line with your requirements.
  • To ensure spectacular results, your sash windows will be made-to-measure using the dimensions of your property. This will simplify the installation process and make sure that you benefit from exceptional insulation.
  • All our sash windows are manufactured using tried and tested materials. Scandinavian, kiln-dried redwood is our timber of choice to deliver the most durable results.
  • If you have a different timber in mind for your property, discuss your needs with our team and our specialists will work with you to determine a suitable choice.
  • Once your timber-framed sash windows have been assembled, you can choose from a range of finishes to suit your specifications. This includes having them hand painted.

Tell us your sash window requirements in Battersea

Want to know more about our sash window services in Battersea? Enquire with us today by calling 020 3993 3609 or emailing You can also leave your contact details below, and you can expect a quick response from our team.

    Double glazed and triple glazed sash windows

    One added benefit of bespoke sash windows is the ability to personalise the glass used within your frames. Popular options for properties in Battersea include double glazed, triple glazed or vacuum glazed windows. Glazing can enhance the energy efficiency of your property as the additional layer of insulation helps to limit the amount of heat that is lost through the glass.

    Opting for thicker glazing can also help to block excess noise from outside your property. If you live in a busier part of Battersea, your choice of glazing can help to prevent disturbances and create a more peaceful atmosphere within your home.

    When investing in new sash windows, it is well worth considering the benefits that double glazed or triple glazed units could provide – simply talk to our team to learn more about the options that are available to you as a Battersea homeowner.

    Sash window replacements in Battersea

    Have the sash windows within your Battersea property seen better days? If you require replacement sash windows, our team have the skills and knowledge to assess any damage and recommend a suitable approach. Depending on your budget and the condition of your current windows, we may be able to preserve the wooden window frames and simply replace the sashes. Let our talented team explore the options with you if replacing your sash windows has become necessary:

    • Total replacement – If the condition of your sash windows has deteriorated completely, it may be more cost-effective and appropriate to remove them completely. Bespoke replacements can then be manufactured and installed in their place.
    • Partial replacement – If we can retain your existing wooden box frames, this will allow us to focus our efforts on replacing the sashes. New cords and beads will be provided so that your sashes function effectively, and the existing box frame can continue to contribute to your property’s character.

    Sash window repairs in Battersea

    If your timber sash windows require expert care and attention, rest assured that we can carry out the high-quality sash window repairs in Battersea that you need. We can remedy a wide range of common sash window problems, including rotten wood and loose or broken glass units. Our team also have the skills to replace features such as ineffective draught excluders or damaged sash cords.

    When your sash windows are in need of repair, they may not be functioning correctly and could even be having an impact on the energy efficiency of your property. No matter the repairs that your sash windows in Battersea require, we’re prepared to help.

    Our team can fit new parts, repair damaged wood, and repaint your wooden sash windows so that their appearance is restored to pristine condition.

    Why choose Wandsworth Sash Windows in Battersea?

    Our timber sash window expertise has made us the right choice for residents in Battersea regardless of their requirements. Design, manufacture, installation, and repairs – we can handle it all.

    • Your window will be made by hand to your exact specifications to ensure exceptional results.
    • You’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge, making sure you receive the right option for your home.
    • Your made-to-measure windows will fit perfectly, taking the hassle out of their installation.
    • You’ll receive an accurate quote based on your needs thanks to our personal consultation process.
    • Your windows will be made from start to finish right here in the UK, benefitting from local craftsmanship.
    • You can be confident that your windows will use sustainably sourced timber, minimising their impact.

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    We’re proud of the reputation that we’ve earned amongst property owners in Battersea. Explore some of the reviews that we’ve received and see what makes us the right choice for sash windows throughout the local area.

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