Address: Whitstable Road, Canterbury, CT2

Service: Seven complete new timber box sash windows were installed.

All have intricate glazing bar designs; some have coloured glass on the sides.

Job value: £25,000 – £30,000

This project was installed by Wandsworth Sash Windows in October 2023. The property’s location is a short walk from the centre of historic Canterbury.

When we were called to quote the job, the sash windows were old and single-glazed. To reduce the significant heat loss, unsightly aluminium secondary glazing was installed on the inside. This secondary glazing adds to the bulk on the inside of the windows and makes the actual sashes themselves much harder to operate. This means that the windows were only being used to a partial extent that they were intended to when they were first envisioned by the Victorians.


The client, therefore, contracted Wandsworth Sash Windows to manufacture and install beautiful new box sash windows, designed with the same features as the traditional windows but with thermally efficient double-glazed glass and the joinery fully spray-finished in our workshop. You will see from the pictures that we also replicated coloured glass corners in some of the sashes. It is important that we follow the original features as much as possible whilst also improving heat retention. Installers Joe and Jonathan worked hard to minimise disruption whilst working on the property, and everyone was pleased with the end result.

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