Address: Hove, BN3

Service: 2 casement bays, 2 other multi-part casements

and 1 doorset and surround installed.

Job value: £35,000 – £40,000

The installation work for this project was completed in December 2023. It was a very involved and intricate job both in the workshop and on-site.

The front doorset we made includes a stained glass design. This was manufactured by an outside professional company we have worked with many times in the past and highly recommend. Once the stained glass was made, we encapsulated it within a double-glazed glass unit. This means the client benefits from the lovely glass design and the thermal efficiency of double-glazed glass. All doors we make are made using hardwood.


The casement bays we manufactured were also challenging because they are structural. In other words, they support the structure above them. During the installation, we had to ensure we supported the floor above at all times.The end result was a fantastic upgrade for the client and one they will enjoy for many years to come!

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