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As much as we love the twinkly lights that illuminate our living rooms at this time of year, they are not your only option when it comes to adding colour and brightening up your home during the winter months.  Here are our suggestions for some blooming lovely houseplants that will really make a festive statement on your window sill.  Keep them in the right conditions and they will impress your friends and family well into the New Year.

Five favourite plants that will make your window sill shine

  • Pretty Poinsettia
    Top of the bill is Poinsettia.  A cheery plant that are always a popular choice over Christmas for their brightly coloured brachts ranging from pale cream through to deep red, the most popular being scarlet.  Many of us dispose of these lovely plants once they have started to fade and the season is over but with a little care, you can keep them all year and they should colour up again next winter.  They will thrive in a well-lit window but will not appreciate drafts so make sure you take care of any window repairs before putting them on display.
  • Peaceful Pelargoniums
    If you like full-on colour, then pelargoniums are a must for your essential winter houseplant checklist.  They produce plenty of flowers and are a real showstopper.  Plus, scented leaf varieties will save you stocking up on festive scented candles and Ivy-leaf varieties make good trailers from a high window ledge.
  • Christmassy Cyclamen
    Indoor cyclamen originate from a wild species native to the Middle East.   They are pretty, reliable plants that look great in arrangements or on their own.  Modern fusions include those with silver marbled leaves, frilled petals, fragrant blooms and miniatures, and a range of flower colours.  Cyclamen will bloom for several months and can flower again in future years.
  • Angelic Azalea
    Indoor Azaleas need slightly cooler conditions to help the blooms last longer.  Avoid direct sunlight – a west or east-facing window sill is ideal.
  • Decorative Cymbidium Orchids
    Cymbidium Orchids make a great statement with their beautiful stems of exotic, waxy flowers.  Great for larger windows where you have a bit more space to show them off to their best advantage. These will look good right through till next spring when you can cut them back and neaten them up for the new season’s growth.

So, there you have it…plenty of options to deck your halls and your window ledges to keep the festivities going until spring.

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