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Windows are a focal point for every room. The type of window dressing in a room, such as blinds, curtains or window shutters, can dictate how much light can enter and how much of the interior can be seen from outside.

These days curtains and blinds are available in off the shelf and bespoke options. Which one you choose will depend on the size and shape of your windows, your budget and how involved you wish to be in the whole process.

Let’s consider each of the options in turn:

Bespoke window dressing – providers of bespoke window dressing will visit your property and discuss your needs and requirements before creating your made-to-measure window dressing and dressing your windows for you. This is an ideal option for homes with larger or unusually shaped windows and those who require the assistance of expertly trained and experienced professionals;

Off the shelf window dressing – off the shelf curtains and blinds are often seen as mass produced and consequently not as good quality as bespoke window dressings. However, many top quality companies now produce window dressings in off-the-shelf ranges.  This makes them a high quality yet affordable option;

Curtains – there are three elements to choosing the perfect curtain arrangement. Firstly, there is the curtains themselves. These should be of the appropriate length and thickness. They should be patterned in a way that fits in with the look and feel of the rest of the room. Secondly, you have a choice of curtain poles or tracks from which you can suspend your curtains. Finally,  you must choose a pelmet, the decorative box which is placed over the curtain track or pole, hiding it from view;

Blinds – roller blinds are a simple and effective way of brightening up a room. They are relatively easy to fit, available in a wide variety of attractive fabric, finishes and motifs and do an excellent job of hiding room from view. However, only the more expensive and sophisticated varieties of blind block daylight out effectively. If this is important to you may wish to consider a combination of blinds and curtains;

Window Shutters – folding window shutters enliven in a room. Closed during the night they can provide a dark safe and cosy feeling that you do not get with curtains or blinds. Open during the day they allow sunlight to pour through, allowing unhindered views outside. Shutters tend to be tailor made for individual windows. This can add to their expense. However, window shutters can look great in any room including bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens;

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