Win £10,000 with Wandsworth Sash Windows

When you’re researching possible companies to help deal with your windows and provide bespoke joinery, it’s always reassuring to find out that any quotation a specific company offers comes ‘obligation free’.

Between March and April this year we’re afraid that here at Wandsworth Sash Windows, we simply cannot offer you a ‘no obligation quotation’ – because all our quotes will come with an obligation on our part to potentially offer you up to £10,000 worth of work, absolutely free!

Arrange a quote with us and we could foot the bill up to £10,000!

Don’t worry; your eyes are not deceiving you! If you book an appointment and a quotation from Wandsworth Sash Windows, from March 1 to April 30, 2016, then you will be entered into a prize draw with the chance of having up to £10,000 worth of the subsequent work paid by us!

You do not even have to accept the quotation in order to be placed into the draw. Should you win, then of course our offer will still be up to £10,000 worth of work as long as it is carried out by ourselves.

However, if you do decide to allow us to go ahead with the work following the receipt of your quotation, then you will receive A SECOND FREE entry into our prize draw, therefore doubling your chances of winning!

Here’s how our £10,000 prize draw will work

  • If you arrange an appointment with our surveyor to take place between March 1 and April 30, then you will be sent a prize draw number along with your quote
  • If you subsequently arrange work with us following the receipt of your quotation, then you will receive a second prize draw number
  • The prize draw will take place on Friday, May 1 and will be videoed, with the video of the event being shown exclusively on our Facebook page
  • The lucky winner of the prize draw will be entitled to receive up to £10,000 (including VAT) off the value of their associated quotation

Please note that should you win, you cannot then add additional work to your original quotation if your original quote was less than £10,000, nor can your prize be transferred to a different building project or quotation provided by Wandsworth Sash Windows.

Now has never been a better time to consider having new windows installed, or any other glazing work done, especially if you arrange a quotation through Wandsworth Sash Windows. If you’re lucky, you could end up receiving £10,000 worth of work, absolutely free!


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