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Certass are specialists in installer certification for the building industry.  In order to become members of Certass, companies are assessed inline with specific licence requirements and industry standards.  In a nutshell, Certass financially and technically assess its members to ensure they meet the required standards.

When did Wandsworth Sash Windows join Certass?

Having previously been members of another government authorised scheme for many years, we decided to switch our company over to Certass a few years ago.  We officially became members of the Certass Competent Person Scheme (CPS) in August 2017.  This essentially means that Certass have inspected our team of installers and surveyors to ensure they are competent in their work and have certified that our team meet the high standards held by Certass.

How has becoming a Certass member helped our business?

When it comes to finding the right tradesperson for a project, whether commercial or domestic, trust is king and being recognised by a well-known and respected trade body is a fantastic endorsement and privilege.  Being members of a respected, award-winning scheme like Certass helps us show our customers that our company and its products, services and standards are held in high regard.  Customers can also feel rest assured that the work we complete for them will be officially certified, a must-have requirement if they are planning to sell their property at some point in the future.

The Certass logo is on all of our letterheads, published materials and website which immediately puts customers at ease when they receive a quote from us through the post, read one of our brochures or browse our company online.

How does a Certass Certificate help our customers?

We specifically chose to switch to Certass due to their efficiency in issuing customer copies of certificates, something that the previous scheme we belonged to was not very quick at doing.  It is often the case that customers lose their original certificates and only realise they need it when they are selling their property, at which point they need a copy of their Certass Certificate ASAP.  If certificates are slow at being issued it causes numerous calls from customers chasing them up which is time wasting and frustrating for our customers.  Certass are also excellent at helping customers with queries after installation – being able to contact and physically speak to someone at Certass to gain advice is a service that is much appreciated by our customers.

It’s not just customers that are assured by the Certass brand either, architects and other trades that have dealt with Certass previously and found them helpful are assured by our certification and are therefore confident when recommending us to their clients.

We are now working towards becoming registered members of the Certass CQ-Assured Workmanship Scheme, as well as working towards being certified under the Certass Thermal Ratings Register (TRR) as a fabricator.

If you are looking to install sash or casement windows in the coming months, or maybe you are considering repairs to your existing windows, don’t forget we are always on the end of the line to chat through your questions and queries so don’t be afraid to give us a call on 020 3582 762, email or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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