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Fear not, it doesn’t resemble a French horn or an animal horn in any way! A sash window horn may sound unusual, but it is actually a poignant feature of traditional period property sash window designs.

So, what are they I hear you say? Sash horns are the features that protrude in a downward direction from the base of the upper sash in a window frame. Nowadays, they are more of a decorative feature used to add authenticity to a property’s aesthetics and are generally fixed to each side of the horizontal centre bar of the window. There are many types of sash window horns, and they are generally crafted to complement the designs associated with the Victorian period they originated from.

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Window horns were originally used in timber sash windows to strengthen the structure of the window. Their role was to support the mortice and tenon joints, preventing the sashes from opening too far and becoming lodged. As the Victorian era advanced, larger glass panes became the fashion with less glazing bars within them (less glazing bar equalled less support). Sash horns were employed as the new method of reinforcement.

Modern sash windows no longer require sash horns to support the window’s structure. However, for period properties where maintaining the original aesthetics is pivotal, there are plenty of options:

Stick on sash window horns can be fitted to either uPVC of timber sash windows to imitate the appearance of an original horn, but in our experience most customers prefer not to choose this option. The joins can be noticeable when closely inspected and customers sometimes feel it diminishes the windows authentic look.

Run-through horns are often the preferrable option. Run through sash horns can be incorporated into a window’s design and are part of the structure of the window itself. It creates a smoother, authentic look that are more convincing when viewing up close.

Sliding sash windows are a speciality of ours here at Wandsworth Sash Windows, so if you are looking to replace your existing sashes for new ones with horns, we can help. We can create a simple curve, ‘s’ shaped design, or an inverted slope. Alternatively, we can create a completely bespoke style horn complete with ornate carpentry and finishing.

Don’t forget, we are able to double-glaze sash windows either by replacing the sashes within the existing box frame or by completely removing the entire window and replacing with new sashes and window frame. If you are thinking of replacing your existing sashes and have yet to add value with double glazed sashes, this could be your perfect opportunity.

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