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May is in and so is the promise of good weather. We Brits may moan about chilly summer days, but we do actually get quite a great deal of sunshine during the warmer months.

As well as checking your stocks of sunblock and ice cream money, the approach of summer is a good time to give your sash windows a good going-over. During the winter, bothering about your windows has probably been the least of your concerns – you’ve probably not even had them open.
Now the weather is becoming finer it’s time to check your sash windows for signs of winter damage or rot.

Do your windows actually open?

The first thing you need to check is that your windows still actually open, and smoothly at that. You also need to make sure that they remain open when you want them to, and don’t close unexpectedly – we’ve all seen comedic moments on TV when sash windows decide to take revenge on their owners and bite down on their necks.

Weights, sash cords, hinges and handles should also be checked. Your window should be in perfect working order. If it is not, and you put up with a ‘semi-operating’ sash window, then it will continue to deteriorate, eventually leading to an expensive bill. Call in the experts to restore your window to full working order.

Who knows what lurks beneath the surface … ?

Your sash windows are more likely than not to be made of timber. As timber is a natural material, it is susceptible to wear and tear and damage by the elements. The outsides of your sash windows have been battered by wind, rain and maybe even snow all winter, after all.

Give the frames of your sash windows a really good examination. Even the slightest crack in the surface can be a sign of the start of a more serious problem. Also look for patches where the wood has softened – this is one sign of damp. Again, do not leave your windows be if you find any sign of deterioration – they will only get worse. Get the help of an expert sash window restoration team.

Is it secure? Is it safe?

Your windows are great for looking out of, but they are also great as an entry point for housebreakers. Why not try going outside your house and see if you can get in via your locked and secured sash windows. If you can, then – and you should know what’s coming here – so can miscreants and burglars.

You should go round each sash window in turn and make sure they can be very firmly secured – especially any windows that are easy to access, such as those on the ground floor. If you find faulty locks and latches, then you will need to replace them. Better still, get a sash windows expert to replace them for you.

It pays to keep your sash windows secure and in excellent condition. If you do find yourself facing any issues, then here at Wandsworth Sash Windows we can help.

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