Stay warm this winter

There is no two ways about it: it’s cold! And it is still January, which means that there are at least two more months of cold weather before we can think of spring. If you have sash windows you may be feeling the cold more than most, particularly if they are older. We recently looked at how to prepare for winter (for a quick re-cap here is the article) but if winter has hit and you have not had time to get ready we have compiled a quick guide of quick fixes to to help you stay warm and keep the heat in and the cold out.

Retain body heat

Keep yourself warm by putting on an extra layer (or two!) of clothes. Move around a little to get the blood flowing and huddle under the duvet to keep the heat you have generated. Wear a hat if you have to, even indoors. Hot water bottles will also help as will a hot shower; in fact, switching to colder water at the end of your shower will improve circulation and keep you warmer for longer.

Use draught excluders

These can work on both windows and doors and help block cold draughts from coming into a room from outside or from moving around the home. If you don’t have any, use some rolled up towels or find a new use for your pool noodle – just wrap it up in a bit of fabric, and it does an excellent job.

Eat to stay warm

Hot, hearty soups and warm drinks will raise your body temperature and warm you up nicely. Even if you don’t drink tea or coffee, a cup of hot chocolate or warm water will do the trick. If you like baking, get that mixer out and your oven on. It will keep you moving and the heat from the oven will bring a warm glow to your kitchen.

Change your curtains

Get some heavier curtains and keep them shut when the sun goes down. This will let any warmth from the sun in during the day but keep the cold out when the sun disappears. Wool or fleece curtains will work far better than net or thinner materials at retaining heat.

Use your thermostat wisely

Instead of whacking up the thermostat when you walk in from outside, meaning you will stay cold for longer and waste money, put it on a schedule if you know what time you are waking up and returning home. This way you will make sure your home is always warmer than what you have come in from if you’re out. If your heating system is new you may even be able to control it from your smartphone, giving you greater flexibility if you want to stay out for longer or come back home early.

Plan to upgrade your windows

If you are feeling the cold get planning so that you are not in the same position next year. Our Wandsworth Sash Windows experts are here to advise and help on what is best for your home and sash windows – be it maintenance, upgrades, or replacement. For a chat or to make an appointment just call us on 02079247303.

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