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In most cases, yes! But there are some occasions where they won’t.

Around ninety-five percent of homes in the UK will increase in value if replacement windows are fitted. If you live in a house that was built before the turn of the millennium, then it’s extremely likely that replacement windows would see the value of your property rise.

Modern windows are much more attractive and energy-efficient than windows that may be twenty years old, or even older. When you are attempting to sell your property, buyers will invariably ask how old the windows are. Wooden windows are prone to damage, lose heat and allow in noise. Even old uPVC windows are ineffective in many ways – modern uPVC windows are much more talented at doing what windows are supposed to do.

If you can say that your windows are five years old or even less, than you’ll be able to and an extra selling point to your home portfolio.

… and when replacement windows won’t add value to your home

Windows are not all about energy-efficiency – they are about visual appeal as well.

If you go ahead and consider replacement windows, then you also need to consider whether the windows you source are correct for your building.

For example, if you live in a home that dates from the 1930s or even earlier, then replacing the traditional windows with modern uPVC windows with take away a huge amount of ‘period’ character from your home.

The first ‘real’ viewing of your home is usually when people who maybe have seen your property on a website such as Rightmove or Zoopla drive past for a ‘casual look’. They’ve probably seen Estate Agents photographs, but they understand that appearances from photographs can be deceptive. If they see your traditional property with modern-looking windows, they are like to take the purchasing progress no further. People who are looking to buy an older building are likely to want the building to have as much of the original structure as possible and that includes the windows!

If you do live in an older home that you want to sell, then sometimes you will have no option but to replace your windows. Even ‘character’ windows are not desirable if they’ve had two dozen coats of paint over the years, or are difficult to operate. Such windows can be a block to a successful sale.

The good news is that modern windows – even sash windows – can be custom-made so they match the appearance of the windows you are replacing. You may have to pay a little extra for your replacement windows, but they will end up paying for themselves when your sale is agreed.

Also on your side – energy prices are high and are unlikely to be coming down any day soon. Most homeowners are appreciative of the energy-efficiency of modern windows, so you can balance the ‘look’ of modern windows against the savings made. Most potential buyers will understand that saving money is more important than having old, draughty windows just because they look right!

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