It is something we may be too fearful to admit, but winter is fast approaching and with adequate warning, we can make sure that our homes are prepared for the temperature change. This preparation can allow us to keep energy bills low, retain internal heat and relax in a warm home each evening. If your home features timelessly elegant sash windows, you will want to take extra care in ensuring that they are ready for the winter season. In this blog, we recap the steps that you should take to ensure that you, your home, and your sash windows are ready for what is fast approaching.

Assess the condition of your windows

Before you take any further steps, you should take the time to assess the condition of your sash windows. You will want to look out for cracks or gaps in the glass and frame, as well as signs of general wear and tear which could allow for the cold winter air to enter. A sufficient check will ensure that you start your winter preparation strong.

Inspect the operation

You will want to check that each of your sash windows open and close with ease. Windows that are difficult to operate or seize when left open or closed for too long, could become problematic during the upcoming colder months. You may find that you need to sufficiently lubricate the tracks of your frames to prevent them from sticking. This will also prevent your windows from experiencing friction damage.

Thicken your glass panes

If your sash windows are of a lower glazing grade and have been prone to letting in a cold draught throughout previous winters, you could benefit from the application of window film. When applied correctly, this film can act as a block that significantly reduces heat loss, keeping your rooms warmer for longer. It is also possible to double glaze sash windows (both existing and new) and there are lots of options available to help you choose the thermal efficiency you require. This includes a vacuum insulated glass option which is suitable for listed and heritage properties too.

Introduce window coverings

Why not upgrade your window coverings this winter to provide an enhanced chance of heat retention throughout the colder season. Upgrading decorative curtains for a set of fitted plantation shutters can add quality benefits and style simultaneously. Being made-to-measure, you can count on the premium installation to boost heat retention further.

If you are looking to get a set of sash windows installed in your property for the new year, or complement your existing frames with the installation of plantation shutters, get in touch with our team here at Wandsworth Sash Windows. With a wealth of experience, we can use our expertise to provide you with a solution that keeps your home warmer this winter, whilst boosting the style and charm of your property.

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