Now that you have made the decision to get your windows replaced, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare for when the contractors come in. Getting new windows installed, or the old ones replaced, is not a small decision and you have made a great investment in sash windows so you want to be sure that it all goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible. The sooner they can get the job done, the quicker you can enjoy your morning cuppa gazing out of your brand new sash windows!

How big is the job?

Are you getting the windows replaced in one or two rooms, or are you getting the whole house done? This will help determine whether or not you can (or want) to stay while the work is being done. If it’s a bigger job, talk to the contractor to agree on dates for the installation and length of time it will take. That way you can make arrangements to move out temporarily, time the work so that it coincides with any holiday plans, or work out how you can stay at home but without getting in their way or having your day-to-day life disrupted too much. In some cases, it may be that you move out for a couple of days and then work around them as they finish up on those rooms that are used less frequently, or they have moved away from bedrooms or main living areas. If you are moving out, make arrangements for the handover and return of keys with your contractor.

Prepare your windows

You want to remove all blinds and curtains. If you can remove any shutters then go ahead, but that may be a job for the contractors to do as they will have the right tools to do it safely.

Prepare your room(s)

For those rooms that are having new windows installed, make sure to remove any valuables that could be accidentally damaged. Think about any electrical or electronic items that may be around, such as TVs, games consoles, or DVD players, as well as valuables such as any breakable objects – for example, artwork on the walls or floors, china pieces, or wooden knick-knacks, framed photos, etc. If you are moving out it’s also a good idea to remove any jewellery and cash, or other valuables, and either secure them in a safe deposit box or leave them with a trusted friend or family member.

Dust cloths

Contractors will have their own dust cloths to cover floors and furniture, but if you prefer to use your own that’s fine. You want to cover any furniture that is left in the room to prevent it from gathering dust or getting knocked or scratched as things are moved around or brought in and out. Better yet, if you can move furniture out of the way, or at least pull it away from windows or the access routes between doors and windows, that will make your contractor’s life easier and the job quicker to complete.

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