Home improvements often spark several questions within every household, and when it comes to window dressings, the level of deliberation is no different – and for good reason. With many an option to consider, the decision between blinds or a set of wooden plantation shutters is a conversation often had. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix, or to add an element of traditional style to your home, there is a solution best suited for you, and our guide is here to help you find it.

What is the difference between plantation shutters and blinds?

The main difference between wooden plantation shutters and blinds is their form. Plantation shutters are rigid and will be fixed to the frames of your windows with metal hinges, whilst blinds will be fitted to overhang the window, and have more flexibility and movement. There are of course several other differences. Allow us to talk you through them.

  • Appearance

    The materials used for plantation shutters and blinds are an obvious difference, and this results in varied styles too. Roller blinds are manufactured with fabric, whilst venetian blinds are combined of horizontal plastic or wooden slats that are connected by a pull cords. Plantation shutters are traditionally wooden, and can come in a range of designs, shades, and stains. Whilst blinds can be rolled out of sight to reveal your window, the louvres of shutters can be tilted at varied angles to provide natural light whilst still retaining an element of privacy.

  • Durability

    The resilience that blinds and shutters hold also varies. Over time, it isn’t uncommon for blinds to display signs of natural wear and tear. This could be anything from fraying materials to failing to stay fixed in place at all. In comparison, the materials used to construct plantation shutters provides a much more durable result. You can rely on the fact that there is a very slim chance of any signs of wear and tear appearing over the years.

  • Energy efficiency

    Wooden plantation shutters are praised for their ability to increase energy efficiency in the home. Year round, their characteristics can trap heat in during the winter as well as deflect it in the summer, resulting in a lesser need to switch on your central heating or air conditioning systems. In the same way, blinds can also be energy efficient, but more so in the summer than the winter. Whether you opt for a roller or venetian blind, you’ll find that they are able to decrease the level of summer heat more than they are able to contain warmth in the winter.

  • Maintenance

    The possibility of bleaching or fading due to UV exposure may be a question for window dressings of any colour in your mind, however this isn’t a worry for all. Whilst blinds in varied colours may experience a level of fading over time, you can trust that plantation shutters won’t experience this alteration. Along with their colour, they will also be coated with a UV protector, enabling them to stand in direct sunlight for a wealth of years without bearing any impact.

    Cleanliness is also a factor involved in maintenance. A wipe over plantation shutters with a damp cloth can remove dust and allergens simply, whereas most blinds aren’t suitable for washing. This means that any dirt or staining must be scrubbed off by hand. You may also find that fabric blinds trap certain allergens, creating an environment over time that is less comfortable for those with respiratory issues to reside in.

  • Cost

    Of course, with any home improvement, there will be a cost involved. You will have your own budget in mind, and this itself may point you towards the option best suited for you, However, it is important to remember that cost also reflects in quality, so spending a little extra could save you money in the long run as you won’t be required to pay for repairs or replacements.

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