Adding a porch to your property can increase kerb appeal with improved aesthetics, as well as provide further benefits such as additional storage space and insulation to the front or side of your home. However, the question of planning permission hovers over the idea of porch construction and can cause means for confusion. Typically, porches should not require planning approval, but we would always stress the importance of obtaining a professional opinion before going ahead with the build.

When will a porch require planning permission?

There are a series of rules around the construction of porches which dictate whether planning permission is, or is not, required. Permitted developments are forms of construction which will not need planning approval, and your porch will fall under this so long as your plans state that:

  • Your plans show our porch will be smaller than three square meters from the outer wall of the property
  • Your plans show that your porch will be under three meters in height
  • Your plans show that your porch is no wider than half the width of your property
  • You are not planning to add a porch to a listed building
  • Your plans for your porch remain single storey

Even if you suspect that your porch plans fall within the above stated boundaries, you’ll need to notify your local authority of your planned construction.

When will a porch require building regulations approval?

It is a common misconception that planning permission and building regulations are the same, but they are quite different. You may find that you need one or the other, or even both forms of legislation for your porch. Building regulations focus more on the health and safety of your construction, so it is likely that you will need to seek approval if you introduce any glazing or electrical work to your porch. Accessibility may also be assessed to ensure that the construction doesn’t reduce access to wheelchair users.

What are the repercussions for building a porch without the necessary planning approval?

If the construction of your porch doesn’t fall into the above stated boundaries, it is likely that you will need to seek planning approval. If you continue to build the addition to your property without seeking this, you will be committing a planning breach and further action will be taken. This includes the possibility of receiving an enforcement notice which could ask for you to revert the works you have completed, or even faced prosecution.

We would always recommend getting a second opinion on the ability to build your porch from a professional who is expert in the rules and regulations of both planning and building approval. This could either confirm that your assumption was correct and provide you with confidence and the go ahead to construct or prevent you from obtaining legal action.

Over the years, the planning process has become lengthier, often with the requirement to submit images or detailed technical drawings in a variety of scales. Recruiting the assistance of a professional can provide you with a smooth process due to expertise and reliable knowledge and this can, in turn, provide you with a positive response within a shorter timeframe. Contact our team of expert building regulators at Wandsworth Sash Windows to find out more about the planning process, and how we can help with the construction of your porch.

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