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Sash windows – they’re graceful, charming and stoic in equal measure. Sash windows bring a lot to the table for the average property, but you may not have thought that they had quite such an intriguing past. Here we present five fascinating facts that may just make you re-think the innocuous item that is the humble sash window.

1. The oldest known sash windows date all the way back to 1670

Sash windows are incredibly durable, but even then, the oldest surviving (and still in place) sash window have likely defied all expectations. Located in a home in London that once belonged to the estate of the Lauderdale Duke and Duchess, these sash windows have, of course, been refurbished over the years, but it goes to show just how just how wise an investment they are (we’d like to see any uPVC window still standing strong after almost three centuries!).

2. The vertical opening was more make shift than made by design

Originally sash windows didn’t open vertically. This only came about in the middle of the 16th century when European designers adjusted the windows using holes and pegs.

3. The invention of multi-pane windows was a life hack

Sash windows originally featured one or two panes as standard, however the glass that was available at the time was subject to incredibly poor quality – which is why panels where introduced – upping the amount to ten or twelve panels per window.

4. The royals made sash windows popular – and today they’ve been paid for the favour

We’ve previously written about the history of sash windows, and the fact that they were made popular by the royals when they featured in numerous palaces, such as Kensington Palace and Hampton Court. Today, however, it appears that the Royals have been paid for their favour, as a £150,000 donation has been made to restore the sash windows at a Royal castle in Caithness, Scotland, which once served as a holiday home for the Queen Mother. The donation comes from a foreign entrepreneur who must really love Scottish heritage, as he hasn’t even visited the castle in person as yet. The remaining £150,000 will be paid for by the Royals – that’s a whole lot of sash windows! The project will see every one of 93 windows transformed into double glazed versions (a feat of achievement, given the tough planning regulations for listed buildings, and the fact that most are restricted to only secondary glazing).


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