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There are several things that can be done to improve the energy efficiency of your home without having to take drastic measures. Tackling energy efficiency demons is a task best dealt with by taking a methodical approach.

Dealing with Damp

Starting with the simplest and easiest tasks that will make an impact first. A rudimentary inspection of the home will often draw your attention to quick fixes that will help. Basic maintenance is the first go to plan in tackling energy efficiency. Checking your gutters is a good place to start. Blocked gutters and drain pipes encourage the build up of damp in walls and the ingress of damp from the top down can be as bad as it is coming from the bottom up. Clearing gutters and drains will make a substantial difference in keeping the building dry and thus cutting heating bills.

Draughts and Windows

Particularly in older traditional and listed buildings, ill-fitting windows can be the cause of much misery, especially over the cold winter months. Rotting window casements are one of the biggest culprits for letting draughts and cold air into older homes, and this problem is quite easily solved. Often the sash windows in traditional homes make up part of the fabric of the building and cannot be replaced with modern double glazing because of local conservation area rules or countrywide regulations relating to listed buildings.

Heavy curtains and draught excluders can make a big difference. Heat mostly leaves home through windows, doors, chimneys and floors and there are solutions to keeping the loss through the escape routes to a minimum.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is an accepted way of reducing heat loss through traditional sash windows. A sheet of glass is added in the window with an air gap between the window, most commonly sash windows in older buildings. Research has shown that secondary glazing can reduce heat loss by a whopping 60% and the resulting energy savings are measurable as a result. In some instances, permission may be granted to install secondary glazing incorporating double glazed units while still saving the original windows and the character of the building. Asking your contractors about this will help you establish what is best for your situation.


Even when older properties do not have window shutters getting permission to incorporate them into your window furniture is far more likely if shutters were a feature of the period that your home hails from. Again, this is a solution to discuss with the window professionals that are instructed to help manage maintenance and changes to your windows within the limitations of the law.

Other Invisible Methods To Consider

Lagging of pipes and hot water cylinder conserves considerable heat and lengthens the longevity of these internal
systems. Installing attic insulation will stop heat from leaking through your roof like a sieve, is not visible and is an investment the conservation bodies in your local authority are most likely to encourage.
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