Boasting a timeless elegance and classic charm, sash windows provide a captivating architectural feature that is displayed upon many homes up and down the country, elevating their kerb appeal whilst providing practical benefits. This month, we explore how sash windows can positively increase property value.

Sash windows: An investment worth making

For homeowners seeking a long-term benefit, sash windows can be a great investment when it comes to property value. The advantages they can introduce to both lifestyles and kerb appeals are broad. It’s no coincidence that they have been a part of our properties for so many years. Investing in sash windows has proven to be an effective choice since their first installation, for many reasons.

How do sash windows add to property value?

  • Architectural heritage

    Sash windows hold an unmistakable historical significance, nationwide. Linking as far back as the 1600’s, these elegant windows display an element of timeless character. The preservation of authentic character is often a factor that property buyers seek when it comes to looking for a new home which they will be proud to call their own.

  • Energy efficiency

    Whilst original sashes may feature single glazed glass panes, modern adaptations of these windows can be made with double or even triple glazed glass, allowing your property to retain heat and expel colder external temperatures. The ability to preserve the historical appearance of a sash window whilst incorporating the modern technology of energy efficient glazing is a factor that potential buyers will be keen to see.

  • A growing demand

    Its no surprise that sash windows are of great popularity when it comes to home décor, and the demand for them continues to soar. With varied style options, from asymmetric to Georgian, there is a style fit for every property, new or old.

  • Durability

    If maintained correctly, the durability that sash windows hold is unrivalled. You could even see them outlasting the windows in neighbouring properties. Due to their heritage, many people are misled to believe they are frail and tenuous, but this is far from the truth. With modern day technology, the materials used to create the sash windows are of optimal strength, allowing them to remain intact throughout all weather conditions.

Whilst these factors all contribute to the potential rise in property value, sash windows bring additional unending benefits to homes across the UK. To find out more about what makes sash windows a great investment to make, or to find out about the differences they could make to your property, contact our team of experts at Wandsworth Sash Windows.

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