Glass has never been so popular in the interior design world. Frosted glass in particular, is making a revival and is being used more often in modern contemporary living where the trend for open plan spaces and glass partitioning seems to be at an all time high. Aptly named after the misty effect it provides, frosted glass is rendered opaque through a chemical process that roughens or obscures the clear surface of the glass to create a visible blurred effect – perfect for achieving privacy without losing light.  While we definitely would not recommend using frosted glass to frame beautiful views, there are lots of ways to tastefully incorporate the trend in every room in your house.

Bathroom and toilet

For many homeowners, frosted glass is an absolute must for the bathroom where privacy is essential.  A frosted shower door or shower screen will hide water spots, so you won’t have to stress about cleaning it as often. A must have for anyone that leads a busy life and doesn’t have the time to clean as regularly as they’d like.

Frosted bathroom windows are a popular addition in bathrooms because they provide privacy without blocking out the light. The degree of privacy you enjoy will depend on the type, style and design of frosted glass you opt for – you may only want a low level of frosted glass that just slightly blurs the person inside the bathroom, or you may want a higher level that makes the person in the room unrecognisable.

Gaining privacy with frosted glass is also a more durable and hygienic window dressing over blinds or curtains, particularly in such a damp, humid room in the house.

Home office

If you are unable to dedicate a whole room in your house to office space, you’ll probably be set up in the corner of your living room or kitchen, or in an alcove somewhere in your bedroom? If this is the case, screening yourself off with a frosted partition will help block out distractions. If you are lucky enough to have an isolated working space at home, you may want to consider frosting the entrance door or creating a frosted breakout area to boost privacy and prevent feeling like a “fishbowl” in the office.

Living/dining room

Frosted glass can enhance the beauty of windows, glass doors, or glass cabinets and adds warmth and style to any décor. Frosted glasses, mirrors, vases, and other glassware are great ways to incorporate the trend without making bold statements.


Frosted glass is sleek and decorative, yet durable and it looks great in modern kitchens. It’s commonly used to add style to kitchen worktops, splashbacks, fruit bowls and other glassware. Cabinets with glass frosted glass fronts are great at putting items on display without exposing them entirely.


Frosted glass is a great solution for ground-floor bedrooms, bathrooms, and street-facing living spaces where passers-by are able to look into rooms and see valuables lying around. Simply knowing that passers-by can see into your private space can be unsettling. By opting for frosted glass on the bottom half of the windows and keeping the top section of glass clear, will afford you complete privacy when you’re lying in bed, watching TV or eating dinner while allowing you to see out of the windows when standing up.  You’ll also be able to obscure the windows without making the room feel dark and confining.  Sash windows are not out of bounds either – frosted glass could be used within one or both sashes.

Covering your wardrobe with frosted sliding doors to gently hide its contents is a stylish look that avoids the room feeling bulky. It looks particularly great when the sliding doors have bold, black framing.


Everyone wants visitors to have a great first impression when they approach their home, so why not make a frosted glass feature within your front door. Plus, it adds another layer of security to your home too. A frosted glass staircase will make an eye-catching, bold statement to your entrance space and will likely be the first thing a visitor notices as you welcome them into your home.

If you would like to discuss incorporating frosted glass into any windows and doors in your home, give us a call and we’ll find the solution.

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