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For longer-lasting, better looking timber sash windows, regular cleaning is recommended.  Cleaning your glass and timber surfaces often, will also help keep your sash windows functioning smoothly and will aid in letting light in and keeping draughts out.  If you are wondering how best to clean your sash windows whilst keeping your feet firmly on the inside of your home, read on for our advice…  

Safety precautions when cleaning windows

When cleaning any windows, always put your safety first.  When glass and heavy timber structures are involved, you can never be too careful about keeping safe.  Never try to clean high windows without the necessary equipment or try to clean without two feet firmly on the ground.  It’s always tempting to stand on a stool or chair but please avoid doing so.

Cleaning traditional sliding sash windows in five easy steps…

  1. When cleaning, the outer face of the upper sash should be cleaned first. Simply slide both sashes right down, carefully reach over and clean the top half of the outer glass.
  2. You are now able to clean the inner (bottom) sash by lowering the top sash to its limit and lifting the bottom sash halfway up to clean the upper half of it.
  3. Raise both sashes right up to their limit and clean the lower half of the outer glass.
  4. Pull the inner sash half-way down to facilitate access to the lower portion.
  5. Admire yourself in the pristine reflection!

What should I clean sash windows with?

To clean the inside of sash windows we recommend a glass cleaner and microfibre cloth because the inside of sash windows are usually not as dirty as the outside. For outside cleaning of sash windows, you should choose a dishwashing liquid mixed with water and use a sponge.  Remove any dirt from the timber with a wet soapy cloth but be sure to dry after cleaning for a more polished finish and to remove excess water. The more regular you do it, the easier it is.

Inspect your windows for repair

Cleaning provides a great opportunity to inspect your sash window parts for any sign of wear and tear.  If there are any signs of damage, it always pays to act quickly. Repairing timber sash windows sooner rather than later could save you lots of money.

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