With summer upon us and the weather becoming warmer, we are opening up our homes more to let the summer breeze in. We are also planning our holidays for later in the season when we will close them up again and go away for a few days. Both of these get many homeowners thinking… ‘Are my sash windows going to be secure and keep potential burglars out’? We take a look at just how secure sash windows can be and how you can strengthen them further, to give you that peace of mind that your home is not at risk on account of your sash windows.

Sash vs uPVC windows

There is a perception that uPVC windows are far more secure than sash ones, so when it comes to a choice uPVC will always win the day. This not really the case though. While uPVC windows are indeed very secure, sash windows are too. Modern sash windows can even be fitted with double glazing, giving that additional toughened glass that uPVC windows have.

Types of sash windows

There are a number of options for sash windows nowadays. While many will still be timber framed due to listed building or conservation area requirements, there are still ways of securing them further – more on that in a moment. There are also plenty of other options on the market, including aluminium or even uPVC sash window designs. Gone are the days of relying on cords and weights to open and close them which suffer from breakages and damage, weakening your window security. Advances in technology mean that there are sash windows on the market that operate with unbreakable cords – for those who want a more old-fashioned look – while aluminium runners are an alternative option giving you a more secure frame for the window to sit in.

Sash windows also open in a wider variety of ways too. As well as the traditional sliding up/down mechanism, there are also products that tilt inwards making them easier to clean.

Securing sash windows

There are a number of options for adding extra security for your sash windows. The most common are sash stops. These are fitted to the top window and lock in place allowing you to open the window a little to provide ventilation while securing it in place. This is an excellent option for those hot summer days and nights, and also gives you an added layer of security when you close and lock the window before heading out. It also makes the windows safe for little ones, keeping their fingers from getting accidentally caught by a dropping window, and stops them from opening it when they shouldn’t. Sash screws offer an alternative option and work by screwing into the top and bottom rails, locking everything together.

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