Get your home ready for autumn

The end of the summer season means that a lot of housework is probably lined up to prepare for winter. The summer months often mean we neglect our homes in favour of the garden or holidays, while the forthcoming cold and dark winter months can stop us from wanting to begin making any alterations. Before every season we should undertake a few alterations to keep our home looking its best all year round.

When we talk about autumn our minds wander to the incredible scenic beauty and rich, golden colours of nature as well as the crisp crunch of leaves underfoot. The temperatures gradually drop, but still leave bright, clear skies, and low-lying sunshine. When the outside is so beautiful then why should the inside not be too?

Go for softer colours

When it comes to your home’s furnishings and colour schemes, it’s time to put away the bright, bold colours which are the essence of summer. Instead, now go for warmer and gentler tones for your sheets and soft coverings so that they give the same soothing effect as the sky and the trees.

Get the comfy bedding out

As it is the start of the winter season, you may need to take out the throws and blankets as the nights start to turn cold. Look for the ones which you can easily drape around yourself while sitting in an armchair or sofa so that you can enjoy the view out of the window with a warm cup of tea or coffee.

Make the entryway autumn-ready

The time of the year is arriving when you will need space for your coats, boots, and scarves. Consider adding some hooks in the entryway for your family and guests. This will help in keeping it organised and tidy.

Check for leaks and draughts

Either do it yourself or hire a professional to inspect your home to look for any draughts or leaks. Before the winter season starts, it is imperative to deal with all these issues so that your home stays warm and protected. Otherwise, when temperatures drop you’ll be turning up the thermostat and could be wasting money on your energy bills.

If you have a Georgian or Victorian home, then the foremost thing is to check that your sash windows and period features are well-maintained to stop any draughts coming through the window panes.

Clean and trim

The plants which have grown during the summer season because of the sunlight and frequent showers need to be trimmed now. Make sure that the trees and bushes are cut away from the windows to maximise daylight in your home and keep trees cut level to make them hardy in the winter and reduce the risk of blocked gutters from the falling autumn leaves.

Draughty windows?

If your windows have gaps and are letting the heat escape from you home, then now is the perfect time to get it sorted. Before you put the central heating back on, make your home more energy efficient by repairing your sash windows.


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