Glass balustrades how to be safe and stylish

There comes a time in many homes when style needs to find a good compromise with safety. You may have moved into a new place or renovated your existing home making changes that require balustrades to be included in the new design. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor spaces, glass balustrades have a number of benefits that offer style and safety to any design. We take a look at what some of the key benefits are and see how a glass balustrade can add style, value, and ease into your home.

Create space and light

Glass, and transparent glass in particular, will give the illusion of space in any room. By including a transparent rather than a solid border between what you are protecting and the spaces around it – be it a shower stall or staircase or elevated area balustrade, or even an outdoor terrace – you open up your space. Glass also allows light to flood through letting it bounce around a room giving it a more open feel. For outdoor spaces, such as balconies or roof terraces, glass will not impede your view combining safety and enjoyment.

Modern design

The ability of glass to allow light through and open up a space adds a very modern element to your design by offering a minimalist addition to your room.


Glass may look fragile, but it is a very durable material. Tempered glass is a particularly strong building material and has a long life span – longer than other materials such as wood which weathers over time and is prone to bug infestations. Even if it were to break, the way in which it constructed means that it will shatter into small pieces, making it safe even with small children and pets in the home.

Easy installation

Glass comes in panes allowing for easy installation when compared to other materials such as wooden bannisters or aluminium railings.

Low maintenance

Glass is easy to clean and needs no other maintenance, in contrast to other materials which may need specialist attention from time to time. The ease with which glass can be cleaned also ensures that it fulfils its safety aspect easily and without too much fuss.

Environmentally friendly

Glass is an environmentally friendly material. Its easy construction, inert nature, and lack of corrosion make it an environmentally friendly option for any home. It is also a recyclable material, enabling you to seek a recycled glass version or to recycle it at the end of its life.


Glass comes in a range of options, including fully-framed, semi-framed, or frameless. You can also choose between transparent, opaque, textured, linear, or curved designs offering great variety and versatility to suit all budgets, applications and styles.

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