Your front door provides the first impression of your home to visitors and passers-by. A front door can entice people, drawing them into your home and elevating your property to the style of your desire. You might be wondering what the ideal front door looks like. There are so many options, especially when it comes to the colour of your front door. Each colour is capable of changing the aesthetic of your home and can even impact its value. Let’s delve into transforming your front door into the best it can be.

How can the colour of my front door add value to my home?

Value can be added to your property through factors as small as the colour of your front door. As the first point of contact for your visitors and guests, your front door sets the precedent for the design and style within the rest of your home. Many people think that neutral colours are the best way to go with your front door, but it’s shown that the colour red has much success with tempting people towards a property.

  • Red

    – As a bold and striking option, red exudes warmth and joy, as well as bringing a pop of colour to the outside of your home.

  • Blue

    – Blue is said to give a sense of freedom and is calming to look at. As a slightly less bold option than red, it could be something to opt for if your style is more subdued.

  • White

    – White is one of the most commonly used colours for a front door, and it is often used in residential areas. It is said to give a warm welcome to guests.

  • Black

    – Black, although a dark colour, gives an air of sophistication. Some people can be nervous about painting their door black, but the effect is beautiful.

The colour of your front door will need to be tailored to the rest of your home. This will require you to make a judgement call – if you don’t think a red door would complement your property and the style you have cultivated, then perhaps a different colour would be better for you.

Showing personality through your door’s design

The colour isn’t the only way you can express your home’s personality. You can also adorn your door with features such as stained-glass windows, textured glass, and hardware such as unique door knockers and doorbells. Aside from the benefit of adding value to your home, these features as well as the colour of your front door will turn your home into your haven, infusing your unique personality throughout your living space.

What are the benefits of a timber front door?

A robust hardwood door is bound to stand the test of time in your home. Timber doors are strong, and so with the high amount of traffic that your front door will experience, it will be durable and reliable. The aesthetic of a timber door is also sophisticated and will complement your home.

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